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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

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  2. Has it been mentioned here that Juniel will release a mini album 31st?

    Last Carnival was really great so I'm here for it.
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  3. I. AM. CRYING.

    My man is so fine.
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  4. @Monkey0 I see you after the skinny k-rapper types. Be prepared! I have a list!
  5. @Ceir you binch, you found my weakness!
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  6. So, this was posted in the September Charts thread on the main forum and I AM SHAKING.

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  7. Damn.

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  8. That was anything but basic. I like it!
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  9. Damn. The whole mini-album is good.
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  10. I loved his stuff on the last Primary album.

    But then, I love everything Primary's done like ever with anyone.
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  12. I'm having the same feeling about millic. Dayum. (Is "dayum" still a thing? Prolly not. Is "prolly"... never mind.)
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  13. I can't find the EP anywhere else but I found it on Soundcloud for now.
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  14. EDIT;
  15. Ddd he was my least fave part of Iffy, but I'll give his other stuff a try.
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  17. I can't remember who it was that mentioned Azin in this thread back in 2015 but they are my hero for doing so. She's SO good.

    I don't know what label she's on or if she is just doing this all independently now but she puts a new song out every couple of months. And each one is just incredible.

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  19. Aseul and Yukari are the same person ... How did I not realize this sooner...
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