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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. It's almost a year since Just Dance hit the UK top spot and there is plenty to discuss outside the album and tour threads so...

    Oh and I did see there is a Lady GaGa thread in the 'nice to popstars' bit but even I can see that she is less than perfect sometimes!

    Kandy Life is finally out there. She sounds so young in it but I'm pretty sure it's her. What do people think?
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  2. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    She's one of a kind, she really puts art into music and you don't see it happening in music anymore these days. Glad someone is ready to do this!!

    Plus, every performance is epic and all of her songs have deeper meanings. "The Fame Monster" is a whole concept, not just an album. Every single song has its meaning and its metaphors, it's just amazing.

    For example, I was reading how "Telephone" is not just about someone calling you all the time, but also represents the fear of being too much in control.
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  3. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Monster is a good album, yes. She raised the bar for herself. I would love to see her outdo this.

    But i'm more interested in her demos at the moment. They're all pretty good. Good enough to form an album of their own, but it won't perform well commercially. I understand why they were left off the album, maybe GaGa should sell her demos finished and mixed well on iTunes or somewhere. The record company will gladly welcome any extra cash and fans will be pleased.

    Rock Show, Shake Your Kitty, Let Love Down, Fever, No Way, Reloaded are all really good.
  4. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I love that she has so many demos/unreleased tracks, although it's getting quite hard to keep up with them all. I really think No Way should be a b-side at some point, it's a really good song, but I can see why she left it off The Fame Monster.

    Does anyone have a list of all the unrealsed/demo tracks? Also I've been searching for ages now but does anyone know if there is a studio version of Fooled Me Again/Honest Eyes as the only one I have heard is in that promotional video for The Fame and that's just a clip at the beggining.
  5. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Am I wrong, or was there a leaked song about Ice Cream?
  6. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Yeah - it's called Dirty Ice Cream.
  7. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Thank you. I think I will find it.
  8. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    There is going to be a point where she cannot possibly outdo herself without giving us money every time we watch one of her videos.

    But then again, I say this with everything she releases, and she ends up making the next thing better. This has happened more times than chance would allow.
  9. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    "COS I'M A FREE BITCH, BABY!" is one of the best lyrics of the year.
  10. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    She's amazing. I can't believe it was over a year ago when I was driving my friends mad obsessing about this weirdo called 'Lady GaGa'. Her past two albums have been near-perfection, so what can she do now?
  11. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I saw the Pokerface video today and I actually felt a little sad. I kind of miss the Lady GaGa who was all hair bows and platinum blonde extentsions. She seemed so much more carefree and fun back then, now she seems all so serious. Ah well, her musical output is better now, so if that's the sacrifice, then I can live with it.

    The Kandy Life EP has also leaked now. It includes...

    1) Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (2007 Demo)
    2) Wonderful
    3) Kandy Life
    4) Brown Eyes (2007 Demo)
    5) Disco Heaven (2007 Demo)

    As you've probably noticed, Kandy Life is a brand new, unheard track. It's really rather good.
  12. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    It seriously is. Along with the free bitch lyric in DITD as well...and "he ate my heart" from Monster.
  13. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I loved her explanation of Dance In The Dark being about a girl or guy who constantly feels so insecure about themselves they can only be intimate with the lights off. It's not about somebody who is insecure sometimes, but all the time. She says she feels that way too and wanted people to know that they weren't alone.

    LOVE her and love how her songs have extra meaning. She really is an amazing popstar.
  14. IotV

    IotV Guest

    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    LADY GAGA: "I make soulless electronic pop."

    Actually, as another poster said, Telephone was originally for Britney's album, so I doubt it's all as thought out as you seem to insinuate.

    I do love her though!
  15. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    The Fame Monster is "amazing" - no other way to put it, IMO.
  16. LJB


    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Great? Yes.

    Innovative? Mmm, how exactly?
  17. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Kandy Life is nice. It sounds quite Gwen Stefani, doesn't it? I'm looking forward to hearing the old demos, too.
  18. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I think GaGa and Gwen do have similar voices. "Summerboy" especially sounds a lot Gwenny.

    Anyway GaGa=2009 for me. I She has 5 songs in my Top 25 most played on I-tunes and the Fame Monster has rarely left my cd player. Also was the gig of the year for me, at Manchester Academy in June. Cannot wait to see what she pulls off in 2010.
  19. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I've always thought that too. Especially with Summer Boy as well as Dirty Ice Cream and a few of the earlier tracks they've always reminded me of Gwen Stefani.
  20. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Whenever she talks about deeper meanings...I just roll my eyes and say to myslef.."Suurree"

    I just think she needs to write better songs, shes really a TERRIBLE songwriter, the production of the songs are their saving grace, but the lyrics truly don't add up, she makes some of the most repetitive and gimmicky songs I have ever listened to.
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