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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. dddddd who were you previously
  2. Is it 2009?
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  3. Another spring awaking: troll / duplicate exposure. I live for the quick 1-2-3 punch.

    Gaga’s spring awakenings are always the best.
  4. He also mentioned P!nk. Are you suggesting P!nk is also seen as lacking artistic integrity when the public obviously disagree? How do you reconcile whatever hamfisted comments on how you think Gaga is supposedly viewed with P!nk thrown in the mix?
  5. RJF



    Imagine joining forum dot popjustice dot com over and over and over again over the course of several months because you've decided the posting culture at forum dot popjustice dot com is toxic for whatever reason and every time you join you're intentionally confrontational and inflammatory and essentially on a kamikaze mission in your attempts to lure members into somehow proving your point to some non-existent audience other than forum dot popjustice dot com on forum dot popjustice dot com.

    Looking forward to speaking over your next queer voice, sis. Can you just send Peter an email already with your issues? He'll pretty much ban whoever you want as long as you build a convincing case and he doesn't need to directly get involved.
  6. Now sis, I know you know that this is false.
  7. I love it when people post something utterly fucking insane and then say "What? Can't handle UNPOPULAR OPINIONS?"

    Like, go back to InfoWars and leave this pink hell alone.
  8. I litrally thought this was Donald Trump you were talking about and I haven't even opened this bottle of wine yet.

    I don't understand why he would come for someone like Lady Gaga who works her bum off? There are so many many people who do like no promo or aren't inventive or likable or anything and then you have Gaga who literally changed the pop world and made ppl up their game. I don't love everything she does but I love her because she gives a shit about music and it shows.
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  9. Both versions of Sexxx Dreams are A+ pop but the demo is an easy favourite for me, for that bridge alone. I love the disco break in the official one but it’s exactly that, a break from the undeniable energy of the rest of the song whereas the Apple Music festival version might be less musically adventurous but keeps the song going, building up on it like anybgreat climax. It’s non-stop (audio) sex and I love it, I mean those synths alone >>>>>
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  10. Accurate.
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  11. p!nk hell
  12. love this pic


    I always preferred the black poker face outfit than the blue one she wears in the video. I know she said she wore it blue because she felt it was very "pop" and that it went well with the amber color background that she visualizes when she hears the song.
  13. This legit looks more like Gwen than Gaga. Maybe she was she singing Summer Boy in the photo kiii
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  14. WHEW! What a moment. I love forever stanning talent.
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  15. I was about to say her eyes, nose, mouth – everything – are very Gwen here. Must be the Italian genes!
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  16. was her hair a wig at this point or was it all dyed white blonde with extensions?
  17. It was a sew in wig. She didn’t start using extensions until 2009.
  18. Oh is she Italian? She never mentions it!
  19. Nn I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic about Gaga or if you didn’t know about Gwen
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