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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. it looks so damn thick and heavy on her head.
  2. Probably why she lost most of her hair while wearing it.
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  3. Jury is still out.
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  4. I think its because her real hair was braided in corn rows underneath the wig. That's how some women get sewed in weaves.

  5. I always return to this every so often and fall in love with her even more each time.
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  6. tonight is the oscars so I feel like it's fitting to post this. an iconic turning point in her career.

    T H R O W B A C K

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  7. Long live the red marigolds.

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  8. A look.
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  9. The day our rebel queen almost got arrested in moscow due to making "provocative" poses in public. But as our queen always says "It's Performance Art".
  10. I’m kinda living for how the good will towards her is starting to translate to slightly better recurrent streaming.

    A couple months back she had her 9th song pass 100m streams on Spotify but now she has 11 (3 of which are now above 200m)

    I think the soundtrack is gonna do pretty well on streaming for her if most of it is pretty close to The Cure’s sound.
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  11. Apparently she's back in LA. The guy who posted it on Instagram is from LA.


    She looks beautiful !
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  12. can we talk about how amazing her skin is?
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  13. BTWskin coming.
  14. Glad she's squeezing in some well deserved down time before A Star is Born starts up. Also, forget the vain Taylor Kinney stans, they're adorable together.

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  15. this picture is beautiful.
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  16. He just looks so much like Joe it's uncanny.
  17. [​IMG]

    An outtake. Goddess of love.
  18. What a weird-ass picture.
  19. "This is my metallic balloon. There are many like it, but this one is mine."
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