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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I’m kind of glad Do What U Want was a minor hit for her considering the featured artists is you know...a rapist!

    The Christina version is perfect though
  2. RMK


    There's no denying R. Kelly sounds good on the song, but things really could've been different. Gaga really killed this performance (as per usual) but I wasn't a fan of the R. Kelly choreography.

    Does anyone know the story behind why she chose him specifically?
  3. Something about recording an R&B record in Chicago and wanting the king of the genre on the track
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  4. Wasn't it a last minute thing, I thought I remember reading about Tara wanting to meet him / on the track?
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  5. How much of a banger is Marry the Night! Just came on on shuffle and I still get blown away.
  6. It's criminally overlooked and forgotten in her discography. It's about as majestic and euphoric as a pop single can be. There's a level of maturity in the sound there that very few other "pop girls" can achieve.

    It really is a thunderous, epic monster of a song. I'll never tire of it.
  7. That performance is utterly bizarre.
  8. I've always hated that performance. It's shambolic, but not Gaga's usual type of charming shambolic, just a mess.
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  9. Yeah me too, even down to the outfit and styling. The wig and outfit was truly awful.
  10. Yes, Tara is a huge R Kelly fan. She’s even in the music video. DJWS organized the collab since he was apparently friends with his manager or something.

    The Gaga spin of course was that she wanted the king of R&B on the track, because she felt he would relate to the message of being targeted by the media.
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  11. RMK


    Really? I thought it was a prime example of Gaga being able to commend a stage alone and do her own thing (until R. Kelly comes in and they start doing that).
  12. I love the 80's Fame style video too!
  13. Gaga's looks in the "Marry the Night" video were probably my most fave of the BTW era. Especially this shot right here.

  14. I love that she brought back the alien model looks with for the “Marry the Night” era
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  15. Anyways, about these designers, singers, photographers not liking Gaga... Either she's some secret, horrid c*nt or these grown men and women are just petty.
  16. All she needs is for this movie to become an iconic success and she is sealed for life. A whole new generation will open up to her legacy.
  17. The Marry the Night video reminds me of Babe: Pig in the City.
  18. I'm gonna say option 2, her being a horrid person is unrealistic. The amount of times Gaga is filmed and photographed and she's never been downright horrible or let anything slip that would suggest so.
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  19. Does it have to be either option? Can't some people just not have much interest in working with her without despising her?
  20. Both options are horrible, perhaps she's not their brand? I know several people who are indifferent with Gaga, so why can't photographers / artists / designers not be the same?
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