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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. trailer is coming tomorrow whew
  2. Was this confirmed?
  3. Oh my fucking god
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  5. We been knew bb
  6. I really hope C3C is real and they release it around Christmas. They'll do a TV appearance or two, a cute NYC gig, a NYE performance possibly, can you imagine? They sounded so good on the last album.

    I think they recorded new songs together recently. Does any of you have any information?:
  7. Yeah, that's not what I was talking about. I wasn't talking about friends or regular people, I was talking talking about fellow artists, celebs, or people Gaga has expressed love for (not that they're obligated to return that love) who've never worked with her but seem to flat out dislike her. There's being indifferent and then there's not liking someone. Grace Jones and Mugler don't like her, supposedly, which was my point and why I wondered if maybe Gaga did something to them personally (other than ripping them off). I guess that's just Gaga for you.
  8. It's really easy to dislike someone you've never met in real life.

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  9. Maybe they just aren't interested? I mean, do you want to work or spend time with every single person you know? I don't. And not because they're awful people or something, but just because I don't have interest in spending my time with them.
    I guess it's the same even between celebrities.
  10. I love her hair all big and curly like this. We rarely see her with hair like this. She wears a lot of straight or pulled back hair.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Every now and then I remember she crawled out of a fucking egg on stage. We truly do not deserve her.
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  13. I still think quite a lot about that video of her in the coffin before she was in the egg where she's scratching her nails on the inside to fans. I don't know why but it just stuck with me.
  14. when is vegagas happening?
  15. Today (6/10) at the Empathy Rocks in Bel Air.
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  16. It looks like Chic's album is coming... now if it features Gaga, is another question.
  17. Stunning... but hopefully I Want Your Love is on it. It's the perfect time for her to be featured on another album without it ruining any other plans she might have.
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  18. I think Chic dropped her collab after so long (and recording with thousand artists). Not sure, but their last mention of her was like late 2016 or early 2017? Well, who knows...

    (Also my first post on my fav's thread, hi guys!!).

    edit: Oh so they just ended me and mentioned her on VMagazine article that came out with the cover.

    "How do you think the music reflects the art? Did you take that music and modernize it for today, like with the artwork?

    To a large extent, yes, because how could I not? I’ve learned so much. I’ve been recording for over the last 20 years with Lady Gaga, Avicii, Disclosure, Daft Punk–that’s going to rub off. [...]"
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  19. I need this collab to happen/make the final cut. I need disco Gaga in my life to comfort my little gay soul.
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