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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. The principle of the matter.
  2. She’s always said she wanted to act first. I just don’t see the big deal or why it’s such an awful thing to hear, especially when she’s successfully managed to fulfill both dreams at the end of the day.
  3. Her acting while nice, can't be compared to Olivia Coleman and Glenn Close.
    Olivia deserved that Oscar, she was sooo good in The Favourite.
    This scene alone, the way her face went from pleasantness to being sad.
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  4. Let's not act (hehe) like Gaga has been acting for 20 years. She has big potential.

    I think the problem with her saying she wanted to act first is for some fans that they think she likes music less and only did it cause acting didn't work out back then. Stupid.
  5. Isn’t that what happened? If she liked acting more and wanted to be an actress, something must have happened for her to choose option B - singing.
  6. Its not that serious. Lets be honest, she probably wont be in another movie for a couple years whereas she'll always do music every year.
  7. But this is the thing, she never said singing was option B. She just liked acting first. And people can like two different things.
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  8. Also who cares if music was option A or B as long as we are getting the tunes. She's fkn nailed Option B thus far.
  9. Some people have more than one passion. Some people like to cook and also paint. Some people like to write and also do photography. Gaga likes to act and make music. And she can do both.
  10. So what you’re all saying is...two things exist?

    I mean...I’ve never....
  11. I don't really see how Gaga being in love with acting can be a shock to anyone who's a fan of her music career. Her videos and stage shows have always been heavy on drama and characters. It's been very clear from the beginning that she had a cinematic imagination. Sis showed up to the Grammys in an egg. She performed at the VMAs and presented Britney's Vanguard Award as a man. She's always been putting on a show. With A Star Is Born, she found a perfect middle ground - that may not be the case with every film she does, but I don't think she'll ever have to give up one to pursue to the other.
  12. Interview with The Fame Ball Tour manager.

  13. Cute throwback.
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  14. Omg I remember this happening.
  15. Just listened to Paparazzi, and it is still THAT BITCH. Might be my favorite single from The Fame. Like, nothing else I can think of sounds like it.

  16. Some days I like this even more.
  17. I think I've been dreaming for the last 6 years or so that one day she would pick the Stuart Price Remix to perform on Tour. But at this time I should have realized that, no matter what, she'll just do the most dramatic performance of the night and perform half Paparazzi.

    They used to pick some deep-dark-mixes from her catalog back then, wish they would go back on it since having new arrangement for the songs are just out of question with her.

    This one changed my life at Born This Way Ball though and I remember being obsessed for months til finally finding it
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  18. Wait, I love this.
  19. I remember thinking the Eric Smax and DJ Delicious remix of Just Dance would be a perfect opener back in the day.

    I can picture an audience full of people clapping along to the intro buildup, with some sort of countdown on video screens a la the Monster Ball intro, etc.
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