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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Damn, I’m sad we didn’t get the opera gloves with the final look
  2. Ugh that was incredible. I know her break away from the spotlight has been very short but seeing her in this format again gave me chills.

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the album is called Haus of Gaga, concept is her dream Warholian-Factory come to life and working as a group of artists and friends. Give us with a Netflix documentary, mum. Would tie in nicely with Haus Beauty launch too.
  3. I am always amazed at her ability to dream this big and carry this gigantic operation on her tiny shoulders. Her mind. Her courage. Her passion.

    Also, justice for Fashion!
  4. It always amazes me how creative she is and how much control she takes over the things she presents. People don't just stick ideas on her, it's always a real collaboration or just her ideas alone. And she has a really fine eye for what she thinks is good.
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  5. I didn’t @ you.
  6. That’s why she is who she is. A true icon. Respected, admired. I’m so glad she’s there now. For so many years we all saw it but “people” didn’t.
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  7. Her Met Gala entrance was a perfect pop culture moment. Utterly delightful in every little way. I love her and I love being a faggot.
  8. There is something to her in that Vogue video that feels very promising for the next era. She seems completely tuned into her confidence, lack of hesitation, and devotion to her craft.

    I want to wake up every morning to her reading Susan Sontag’s essay on camp.
  9. Tom flew back home to Belgium earlier this week, so it feels like he’d have still been around if she was about to go to shoot something?
  10. Is there a copy of Brooklyn Nights out there which sounds like an iTunes 256 file?
  11. Taylor praised Gaga's dexterity in a recent interview. Screaming at how closely she follows her career. She really is the hawk-eye of the pop world.

  12. And the hawk-eye of knowing that that's not her lane
  13. The last five years have flown by for me, so it's somewhat surreal to read that Taylor quote and realize how much Gaga has done and how much she has accomplished in such little time.
  14. I feel like it's ... very Taylor Swift to know and name drop the awards won dd
  15. It really has. It feels like the first half of her career (The Fame-ARTPOP) lasted forever and the second half has just flown by and suddenly it’s been 6 years.
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  16. True, although she wasn't attentive enough to name drop Joanne's iconic Grammy win for the title song.
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  17. This is a great quote because it really translates why Gaga is such an arresting artist.
    More than just being a pop phenomenon, I think what Gaga loves the most is the expression of deep humanistic emotions through artistic concepts. This makes her a living renaissance woman that can transform into whatever fits best to communicate her latest passion.
    And she does it with such proficiency and truthness that, while sometimes is hard to digest (the Artpop era is a great example of this), it is always very inspiring.
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