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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. This is still so strange to me
  2. Its because from 2008-2013 she put out 4 studio albums but from 2014-2019 (so far) only one. She also put out a standards album and a soundtrack, but still.
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  3. 9 days (?)
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  4. Until?
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  5. Severe disappointment
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  6. RJF


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  7. The meltdowns when Katy is the only major artist releasing at the end of May
  8. Honestly I don’t mind her pushing back a bit. May has gotten really crowded and releasing in June or whenever will give her room to breathe
  9. It’s strange how this month is packed with releases, but at the same time everything is coming and landing with a less than expected blow.

    Taylor’s song isn’t north of half a month old and it’s slowing down. The Justin and Ed threat isn’t dominating as thought as it’s beginning to soften its lead.

    What’s left, Halsey and Miley?
  10. Republicans have started the process to overturn Roe v. Wade. Very proud that she is speaking out. This is pure dystopia.
  11. I find it so funny how the loudest pro life activists tend to be christian white men whom most tend to be republican. Men have no say in this debate. Leave it to the women. There's nothing wrong with being Pro Life, everyone has their own viewpoints but to demonize a woman or young girl for getting an abortion is hypocritical. It's also sad how people dont even think about the mental trauma the woman has to face after getting an abortion. I was with my best friend when she got one. She wasn't ready to have a baby and it was an accident. They did the procedure and while she was relieved, she was also depressed for two weeks thinking what could have been but instead of people searching out to help her through that tough time, a lot of her christian family members (especially the male ones) were criticizing her hardcore. Only her mom supported her. Men just need to stay out of women's personal life issues. It's a....touchy subject for a lot of people but I genuinely get angry when men voice their opinions on this topic so aggressively.

    Edit: Also sad how majority of the tweets under hers are fans making jokes about Lg6 abortion and promoting their accounts. Stan culture remains toxic as always.
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    Who else but Lady She Was Gonna, But could get her release date window snatched by literally every single other pop girl in the game? Is Rihanna waiting until Mr. S on ATRL confirms a June release date before she decides to drop her new single?
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  13. Expected meltdowns aside, it’s quite interesting how with all big releases, May seems pretty much crowded, but the Friday (May 24th) still stays wide open. Hmm.
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  14. Not me being played into thinking she was releasing soon just to have every pop girl popping singles left and right and L. Gaga is nowhere to be seen.
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  15. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we haven’t heard anything to indicate she ISN’T still releasing on the 24th.

    I’ve seen a literal document from the top of this month with the date on it.
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  16. I can deal with a little pushback anyway, seems very evident she is coming in the next couple of months.
    The thought of her and Katy releasing a week apart would be so amazing though.
  17. More like triggering
  18. I think the single was pushed back for a summer or fall release. I think May 24th will be the day Haus Beauty launches since one of the stores will open in NYC on that day.
  19. Was it like a release schedule document?
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