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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Only just got around to listening to the full version of I Want Your Love. She did THAT. Phenomenal.
  2. There's two versions, the one with the fashion show and the released one right?
  3. That's as I understand it. I know that she insisted on going back in to the studio for the released version that featured on Chic's album last year. Nile Rodgers praised her work ethic in an interview last year.
  4. We’ll wait until September for a single/an album.
  5. I've had a horrible dream in which I woke up in the morning, checked out if there's any news and found out that over night there was an announcement of 1st single from LG6 and it featured miss Onika. It came along with the snippet of music video as a preview, it looked super atrocious like Minaj's own version of California Gurls with Gaga just singing -ooh's and -aah's in something which reminded me of her ARTrave neon anime look just lowkey dancing on the spot Charlie Hides style making weird faces. It sounded like techno version of Stupid Hoe. There was also a videocommentary to it by Gaga where she described how she wanted to do something no one was gonna predict and that since she saw rumours of her not liking Minaj, she decided to prove all of the 100 people in the room wrong. I woke up sweating and lived legitimately next couple of minutes in belief this was happening. I'd rather dream about Freddy Krueger next time. Please and thank you.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. RIP, I spoke too soon. It’s delayed.
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  8. No! Is there any new window given?
  9. God, I hope they have good reasons / know what they’re doing.
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  10. RJF


    I think the plan is to release on June 7th but Adele might sneeze and scare them off.
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  11. If they plan on releasing anything then they just need to release the date so that everyone knows the date is her date. Pushing it back because others are releasing is only going result in more pushing back.
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  12. “Fall.”
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  13. I-

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  14. Please so in two days she delayed from May to Fall ? Sure.
  15. Mama I’m getting this info thirdhand, the supply chain isn’t hot on up-to-the-minute changes. Fall is what I’ve heard now.
  16. RJF


    lmao let me put this thread’s user on Ignore and not engage with this foolishness any longer until the new album thread pops back up again.
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  17. It just reeks of insecurity in my honest opinion. They might as well push to December since Adele, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and many other big artists are releasing this year as well.

    Competition is inevitable. If she really believes in her work like she says she does then she wouldn't care about someone like taylor swift or adele blocking her from the charts. I understand it's a business but she cant keep tip toeing around potential releases. Then again we still dont know the real reason why its delayed.
  18. Queen just won a fucking Oscar so I can wait.
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  19. I’m not buying it. Actually I’m not buying anything at this point hence I shouldn’t have hyped myself up the moment she tweeted and changed her layouts in March.
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  20. I don’t normally have ~insider~ info, and certainly never about someone of Gaga’s caliber, so I want to clarify that I wouldn’t have shared this unless I trusted my source.

    Happy to become “this thread’s user” if that’s the title you want to bestow on me, however.
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