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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. RJF


    No, my lack of personal enjoyment doesn't make it less of an era. One single, two performances, no videos, no tour, and little to no good music make it less of an era. But hey, I sure got a thrill out of that video that spliced together all her "hundred people in a room" soundbites that did the rounds on YouTube, weekly box office updates, and... my gran seeing Lady GarGar on the Graham Norton show and thinking she looked nice. Who needs content when you've got memes and sales?

    Oh yeah we got that movie as well. What a thrill that was.
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  2. I mean, no point really getting into a back and forth, but there was never going to be a tour for a movie, there was a promotional tour for the movie and soundtrack that was full of great looks, great moments and a range of interesting interviews (some of which I mentioned in my previous post), and "little" music doesn't really accurately describe 13 new songs featuring her songwriting and vocals - I understand you're not necessarily a fan of any of that, but again that doesn't stop it from being an era and doesn't mean we can't count it as such. We got a movie, we got videos, we got an album, we got performances, we got interviews, we got award show appearances and we got award wins. That's more than you get from most movie soundtrack campaigns from big pop girls!
  3. Joanne Tour is the only tour I haven‘t seen and she canceled on me twice with that one.

    So my next show is Enigma and my last two tours were Cheek to Cheek and Artrave. What luck.

    Though I‘ve enjoyed them all, Joanne Tour looked like a highlight.
  4. Critics, audiences, and The Academy certainly thought so!

    Pulling sour faces about the whole thing for the last year and a half didn’t change the fact this project clearly meant a lot to her, in the same way that Joanne did, so maybe reflect on why disliking one entitles one to post about it at length every few months—despite the overwhelming public response and critical reception to the contrary—while disliking the other gets one chased out of the thread. They’re not different.

    She’s been talking about Joanne and wanting to act since early days, the seeds were planted a decade ago so neither should come as a surprise. We should just be happy we got great music out of both and that she’s moving on to other projects now.
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  5. @RJF hating everything about that era is comical at this point. Just let it be, sis.
  6. RJF


    You wanna show me where I've been pulling sour faces or apparently posting at length about my dislike every few months? I'd be curious to see the receipts. I've barely been active in Gaga threads since... February, barely even commented on the movie as it came out, gagged over the outfits, mehed at the soundtrack and... it was over. It's not about being entitled to anything. I'm entitled to post however the fuck I feel, just like you're entitled to (incorrectly and poorly) try to come for me over it.

    Also, me disliking the entire A Star Is Born era is not the same as @AllTheUsernames grousing about Joanne because my dislike isn't based on a wilful misunderstanding of what Gaga should and shoudn't be doing. Gaga should... do whatever the fuck she wants. I am fully aware that Lady Gaga's creative needs don't need to fulfil my desires and I fully support her doing things that make her happy even if they leave me cold. I don't have a rigid idea of who she is that I think she should stick to. I think I've actually prefixed almost every single one of my posts about the film and her acting with that disclaimer (and even did so in one of my posts last night that you're apparently keeping track of).

    I don't resent the existence of the soundtrack. I'm happy it did well for her. I'm happy it bagged her an Oscar. I'll even cop to it having about three great songs on it. My original jumping off point last night, however, was whether or not it really counted as a full length Lady Gaga Album Experience which... it doesn't. My feelings on the film (which I don't think I even really mentioned once in the last twenty four hours) are irrelevant.
  7. Rashida has a point because my favorite thing from the Star Is Born era was the "Sorry Joanne!!! There's a NEW bicth in town!!" meme so...that's that on that.

  8. So a tawdry, ballad filled movie and an extended Vegas residency is what it takes to make @RJF finally crack

  9. A Star Is Born was an era in Gaga's overall career arc, but it was not a Lady Gaga album cycle. It was a vehicle for her foray into acting, and it had a soundtrack.

    The only thing distinguishing it from something like, say, Madonna's Evita era is the original music. I mean, even if you look at I'm Breathless (a soundtrack to a film, entirely comprised of original AND solo music), most fans don't consider it a proper album cycle and that had two singles (including Vogue!).

    And yes, I could have mentioned someone other than Madonna, but it felt apt.
  10. Where is the album, we need the damn album etc
  11. RJF


    I mean, the real gag of accusing me of complaining for the last year and a half is that we were all groaning, rolling our eyes, and bracing ourselves for a tedious, disastrous detour into acting for the majority of 2018. It was only when the film started to get screened at summer festivals to journalists and the word "Oscar" was thrown around and the film actually maybe possibly could be good and net her a few statues that the tide started to turn.

    I praised the soundtrack for what it was when it came out, including the fact that she had never sounded better on record. I pointed out the similarities between it and Joanne when people tried to write the latter off as a failed experiment. I praised Gagger's acting and Bradley's in the film while raising pretty fair issues with the story itself. I celebrated with everyone else and recognised the importance in the nominations/eventual wins she received from the industry, and I loved the performance of "Shallow" at the Grammys. These were things that I openly enjoyed, and you can find the posts on all of thaT.

    Y'all have really cute habit recently of rewriting history to fit the current agenda, but sorry, you won't get me tonight. The bus I'm getting thrown under is maybe going to have go round the block a few more times before it even manages to leave a scratch on me.
  12. The "only" thing? I think there's a shiny gold statue somewhere that also distinguishes it from Madonna's vehicle for her foray into acting.
  13. Golden Globe and Golden Raspberry winner Madame Xiccone is really not concerned with your petulance.
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  14. Are we actually doing this in the year 2019
  15. Hey.


    Madonna is bad at acting.
  16. ...we been knew?
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  17. That was my point.
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  18. RJF


    So am I getting those receipts of me being a Pressed Hater or what?
  19. Hey Panini
    Don't u be a meanie
  20. Sam



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  21. Jojo Siwa <3
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