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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. RJF


    So am I getting those receipts of me being a Pressed Hater or what?
  2. Hey Panini
    Don't u be a meanie
  3. 8A4AE9CD-69FE-4EA6-B0BC-FEFDAC410C83.jpeg

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  4. Jojo Siwa <3
  5. I hate you so fucking much omg
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  6. So... shall we open that LG6 thread now gëwhls?

  7. 'La Vie en rose', 'Hair Body Face', and 'Alibi' getting the praise they deserve I see.
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  8. EB83oXUXYAEG_7c.jpg

    hinting at VMA maybe?
  9. ..............................
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  10. RJF


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  11. “She performed a new song called Imagine” teas
  12. How very “the truth is in the red lipstick.”
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  13. Per his IG Story, Nicola is leaving NYC for LA again.

    Must be on his way to style the VMAs looks.
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  14. I was in an ice shop and they were playing Always Remember Us This Way when I came in. The GP is so thirsty for new stuff too.
  15. I’m gonna scream if that turns out to be true
  16. I was catching up on the thread and ready to throw in my two cents regarding my ambivalence towards the entire A Star Is Born project until, I shit you not, somebody from a balcony a couple of flats above mine started caterwauling the chorus to ‘Shallow’.

    My God is not here, Michael.
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  17. I remember playing it too, I can't remember where exactly. Perhaps when I parked by bike somewhere and someone started to sing along. Help
  18. RJF


    I thought this post going to end differently.
  19. Doubt it. She hasn't attended since 2013 and doesn't seem to show any interest towards the award ceremony outside of a few nominations.
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