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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Sam


    I hate you so fucking much omg
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  2. So... shall we open that LG6 thread now gëwhls?

  3. 'La Vie en rose', 'Hair Body Face', and 'Alibi' getting the praise they deserve I see.
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  4. EB83oXUXYAEG_7c.jpg

    hinting at VMA maybe?
  5. ..............................
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  6. RJF


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  7. “She performed a new song called Imagine” teas
  8. How very “the truth is in the red lipstick.”
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  9. Per his IG Story, Nicola is leaving NYC for LA again.

    Must be on his way to style the VMAs looks.
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  10. I was in an ice shop and they were playing Always Remember Us This Way when I came in. The GP is so thirsty for new stuff too.
  11. I’m gonna scream if that turns out to be true
  12. I was catching up on the thread and ready to throw in my two cents regarding my ambivalence towards the entire A Star Is Born project until, I shit you not, somebody from a balcony a couple of flats above mine started caterwauling the chorus to ‘Shallow’.

    My God is not here, Michael.
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  13. I remember playing it too, I can't remember where exactly. Perhaps when I parked by bike somewhere and someone started to sing along. Help
  14. RJF


    I thought this post going to end differently.
  15. Doubt it. She hasn't attended since 2013 and doesn't seem to show any interest towards the award ceremony outside of a few nominations.
  16. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    No video, no promo, didn’t even get the pimp finale slot in the movie - but still sold a fuck tonne.

    I don’t really have an opinion on the “was A Star Is Born an era” argument because I don’t think Gaga oughta feel like she “should” have new music out by now either way. But I remember making the argument several times that she could make “single moments” out of other tracks on the album - particularly this one - and most people said it wasn’t worth it because the album was selling anyway. Which always felt like a bit of a mercenary argument to me. Why create *any* visuals or performances if the music is going to sell anyway? *shrug*

    So it comes down to what you value in pop acts. As pre-album singles, followed by album release and then move on has become the norm, we’re seeing less emphasis placed on songs that have their first airing as an album track. But some of the fun of pop music comes from imagining what your favourite track on an album might look and “feel” like when it gets its moment in the sun.

    Ultimately, the question is; in the new release model (that goes way beyond just Gaga) are we getting fewer pop artefacts (visuals, broadcast performances, artworks) or more?
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  17. A Star Is Born is a Gaga era. If I suffered through Evita and the four singles so will you. Also Bodyguard = a Whitney era.
  18. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    I’m inclined to agree. I don’t think we really get to classify eras based on amount of promo anyway. The work existing in itself is enough to qualify. But she clearly put a fair bit of songwriting and creative time into it. So if she’d made more of some of the other songs beyond just Shallow, it would have made more of the moment and bought time for the next album project.

    That said, we both lived through the era of 4-5 year gaps between albums as standard. (Austin Powers *and* Swept Away?!) So I never feel myself getting into this frenzy of “why isn’t it out yet - why if she doing this side project instead?!” with today’s big pop girls. As a rule, I’d rather get it when it was good and ready.
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  19. I like how we've had like 5 pages debating, at a vague level, what is and isn't an "era"- a term made up by stan culture anyways and doesn't have a set in stone meaning or requirements to fulfill.

    It was an era of time in which she was focused on all things A Star Is Born. However, it was filled with different things than other eras because it's a different kind of project. There should be no debate over if it was a different kind of project... You're comparing a movie and movie soundtrack to standalone pop album...

    So long story short, yes, she is overdue for a standalone pop album. Because A Star is Born was not that kind of project.
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