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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Why would anyone watch that.
  2. She teases a good amount of times that music is coming with the next makeup drop, which I’m guessing will be spring?
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  3. Can it be February at least.
  4. She said Haus Laboratories is colorful like her next album. I still wonder if the pink hair she currently has is for the next album or if she just spontaneously felt like having pink hair just for fun.
  5. RJF


    The way I felt that stare into my soul as she flayed it. She knew what she was doing.
  6. Well, Ask Michelle Phan's 34.8 million views on her Poker Face tutorial or 56.1 million views on her Bad Romance tutorial.

    The Countess just seems so late game for Gaga to be like "Hmm lemme see how people recreate my makeup."

    It doesn't really matter, I just thought it was a bit of a stretch to compliment Nikki with that detail.
  7. Gaga never actually said it was The Countess tutorial, she simply said she had seen all of the ones that were done based on her looks and that Nikkie was the first artist she watched on YouTube when she first started getting into planning the brand. Sarah said that The Countess was one of Gaga’s faves that she had seen.
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  8. The absolute WASTE of hype.

  9. I don't care about this makeup at all but that video was nice to watch. I remember how painfully awkward she used to be talking to other people, and while she's still a bit awkward it's a lot less than it was before.
  10. It wasn’t, though. It’s made her makeup line (which I’m sure wasn’t some spur of the moment venture) more lucrative. It’s all about money - will makeup or music bring her more money in 2019? Makeup, of course. Pop stars don’t get anything for music anymore which is why they’re all seemingly jumping ship onto business ventures and making music less and less.*

    *I wish it wasn’t like this...but y’all have yourselves to blame. I still buy CD’s!
  11. 8588C0B1-C127-4DB4-9204-668386DAFB9F.jpeg

    Also when she does decide to do music again, can something like this be the look? This is gorgeous. I actually recognize Lady Gaga in it. I’m not kidding when I say she literally doesn’t look like herself in 90 percent of the makeup ads.
  12. Sam


    Oh my god just give it a rest
  13. aux


    Sis don’t bother with them, just ignore them. Don’t feed the troll.
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  14. Ok so the random ‘new wave’ and the hint that something is coming along with the next palette (Spring releases are usually out in February) has me excited.
  15. The pink hair is so pretty

  16. I lowkey hated every visual decision about that video, including putting a bright pink background that completely hides her hair's own pink color.
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  17. Highkey should have used a neutral color for that background, or a nice earthy~ tone
  18. I hope that will be that with the youtuber collabs.

    Kim K went on a little tour of so many of the youtubers when she was launching her brand.

    I just... Really do not want there to be drama and backlash if she decided to collab with Jeffree Star who has a history of being the antithesis of what she and her brand want to stand for.
    And James Charles ugh- that'd just be annoying and extra. I haven't even gotten around to watching the video he did with Kesha.

    Jessica Alba did a video with Tati Westbrook recently to talk about Honest Beauty and that was kinda cute though. So I would accept that. Even though it'd most likely be Gaga and Tati doing their own makeup next to each other. I feel like they'd hit it off well though.

    Since barely any of you know who i'm even talking about or care probably, i'll stop.
  19. I would like to see her do videos with Jackie Aina and Patrick Starrr.

    Jeffree would be a kii just because they came up at the exact same time on MySpace and have mutual ex-relationships with people like Akon.
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