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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Because they shit stir?
  2. Hmm...well I've not followed everything that they do, but in this particular case the reaction seems a little heavy handed.
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  3. aux


    They've been banned anyways, so
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  4. And I oop
  5. It's been well documented that she wanted to release Born This Way early but the label delayed the release. During that delay, she recorded extra songs and added them to the album. There is no "earlier" version of Born This Way that sounds different to what we expect, which is what your original post was implying. I'm not triggered at all and I don't know you so it's not personal - you are in a public forum in a discussion you started yourself and I am responding to a point you made. That's how conversation works and I'm sorry that seems to be so exhausting for you but if that's the case maybe think more about why all the conversations you are in seem to end up this way.
  6. I used to be on the "Well she just scrapped everything and started from the zero" troupe but realized it just wasn't true when taking a little time to think about.

    Because honestly who cares but

    ARTPOP main "problem" was that there were many songs that we knew (for even 1 year prior the album) and then they were nowhere to be found on the final tracklist. (Tea, Ratchet, Red Flame, Brooklyn Nights, Temple, etc etc etc). Well, now we actually listened to most of these songs somehow (full leaks, instrumentals, live performances) and it's just clear that they all sound the same thing from the main album. The album wasn't "Re-done". It was always going to be the heavy EDM that some love and some hate. It was always going to be that ARTPOP. Some people can argue now that "oh but the leaked demos were different" like yes at the same time you have the MANiCURE iTunes Festival demo, you have Mary Jane Holland autotuned mess that thank god wasn't the final vision for the song. I remember reading an interview back from Born This Way and how she likes to play with patterns\song structure and that's the case for me, changing the songs to make them different. Maybe she just didn't want to have MANiCURE with the same post-chorus and bridge. (and still it isn't like it would change the album that much. And if Gaga herself really didn't care about how loud the "Ihh Ihh Ihh" background vocals were ARTPOP (song), I don't know why people got so caught up).

    LG5\Joanne thing is way more complicated because it's just speculation. Yes she had sessions with RedOne and people like Diane + Nile Rodgers but if she really wasn't feeling the material... there's no way it would work out. Just like at same time there were people like Giorgio Moroder saying he was waiting for her to call him up. If she was really invested into the "DISCO REVIVAL" that people dreamed up, for sure she would have tried things up. Then she paired Mark Ronson and they created Joanne which felt a bit like an "outliner" for everyone that was probably expecting something uptown-funky-back-to-black but it wasn't it. They both went from other sounds and it's ok. But it's not like it was impossible to preview that Mark Ronson would be inspiring her for a way more organic music style that wasn't necessarily going to be... funk. (Or that Gaga herself felt he would be "THE DUDE" if she had that vision in her mind before, but I believe it was much more of him opening up a new door of sounds, can't recall from interviews or whatever.)

    For now, we know that she has worked with people like BloodPop, Sophie, Boys Noize, Tchami, Rami Yacoub (Probably Burns and many others that we just don't know yet). All these people mostly "cut from the same cloth". A way more heavier electronic-organic sound and etc. Of course it doesn't mean that this is what it IS going to be, but you can trace a little parallel from all these people and it doesn't sound like she's jumping from branch to branch by the time we know that she have a new session in studio. + She's probably working in her house and stuff. You have even the Haus Laboratories instrumentals that sound a lot like the work you'd imagine from these people (+ herself confirming they were the ones behind the music) and apart from Joanne, I remember her dropping some clear hints and teases about how the new music would sound (some that sounded like crazy stan reactions\descriptions but that in the end made sense somehow).

    I guess I just really want new music.
  7. The original LG5 early sessions are the only time that even come close to anything being "scrapped" and even then, from what I can remember those feel like they were pushed more by the label and she wasn't feeling the work that came out of it (and there's no way an album's worth of cohesive material was produced in that period). This idea that she gets repeatedly bored and scraps entire concepts and puts out something that messes with people's expectations is bizarre when I can't think of one era when that happened.
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  8. We did get Angel Down out of that session
  9. Gaga clearly loves music of all genres... Her being a little indecisive on a direction she feels strongly for, for a new album at the start of creating new music for it... I wouldn't say that is "Well she's over this and wanted to start something from scratch"... She was just figuring out what she wanted sonically.

    I don't think her producers have really been shifting around THAT much for LG6 so I don't see why anyone would have a reason to believe she is scrapping ideas and going different directions when she's been working with pretty much the same producers this whole time.

    But in that Nikki Tutorials makeup video she did say she wants to explore a lot of different genres of music this next decade. So buckle up.
  10. Exactly, which further proves the point that she doesn't scrap songs just because she's bored.
  11. “Angel Down” is technically an ARTPOP leftover nn
  12. This is really standard though for all artists. There have been many many times we've heard Britney was in the studio with so and so and then they're no where to be found on the album. Early sessions are often just getting your feet wet and seeing where you wanna go. Lots of albums don't take shape right away. Gwen Stefani had sessions with Rick Nowels and Linda Perry before settling on her collaborators for This Is What the Truth Feels Like. Beyonce worked with Timbaland at the start of recording for Sasha Fierce - those sessions were scrapped. Justin Timberlake was talking a lot about his work with Max and Shellback at the start of what would become Man of the Woods - those songs were ditched in favor of whatever the fuck he ended up doing. Adele had sessions with Sia for 25 that she didn't feel were right and so she stopped working on the album till she felt ready. So none of thats a Gaga thing, so much as it is just part of making a record.
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  13. !!! So many fans don't understand this. To this day, fans think those sessions with RedOne were for sure the "original LG5" all because she was in the studio with him. It's like she's not allowed to test the waters to see where she wants to go. It's all fan conspiracy.
  14. Those fans can't handle that maybe Gaga wasn't feeling a dance electro RedOne vibe for the album as much as they do. So they come up with this notion that Gaga just scrapped a whole album concept and went to what we got. But... It's just... not that dramatic.

  15. 'Happiggy fucking holidays'
  16. SWINE confirmed rerelased on LG6.
  17. Cries in poor.

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  18. If you're gonna do that at least do it with £5 (OMO Astoria London show) Vs £1,200 (Joanne M&Gs).
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  19. Me and Vas the Lady “GaGa” first UK gig OGs

    Remember the war, etc.
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