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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I honestly miss her Tribute Artist phase a bit.

    This still floors me every time:

  2. No-one:
    Absolutely no-one:
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  3. She in, ladies.

  4. I never realized Tamar sang on Born This Way!

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  5. RMK


    I've been sick and bedridden for days (dd), and it's sent me on a binge of some of her best performances. This one specifically reigns as my favorite. The beginning of 2011 was such a moment. She was just at the top of her game.

  6. Since there was a bit of a discussion about her unreleased songs in the discography rate thread, I thought of hosting a 'Lady Gaga's unreleased, demos and rarities' rate. It would include all of her officially and unofficially released material from 2005 onwards (where she's the lead artist) that was recorded and which weren't included in her discography (yeah, we will pretend that "Cheek to Cheek" doesn't exist in this case). Would anyone be interested in doing this?

    I managed to chronologically compile almost all of the songs which would fall into this category, so here's the tentative song list:
    Fountain of Truth
    World Family Tree
    Something Crazy
    Wish You Were Here
    No Floods
    Red and Blue
    Blueberry Kisses
    Dirty Ice Cream
    Fancy Pants
    Filthy Pop
    Fooled Me Again
    Glitter and Grease
    Go, Go, Go/When She Go
    Kandy Life
    Let Love Down
    Love Sick Girl/Yay Ha
    Oh Well
    Oh Baby
    Reel Cool
    Spin U Around
    Rockshow/Rock Show
    Sexy Ugly
    Shake Your Kitty
    We Are Plastic
    Panty Party
    New York
    Take You Out
    Your Freaking Car
    No Way
    Out of Control
    Second Time Around
    Shut Up
    Nothing On (But the Radio)
    Changing Skies
    Stuck on Fuckin' You
    Brooklyn Nights
    Posh Life
    Stache (with Zedd)
    Cake Like Lady Gaga
    Your Song
    Stupid Love

    - Demo, alternate or concept/initial versions of officially released songs ("Sometimes", "Burqa", "I Wanna Be With You" etc.) aren't included.
    - "Fever" and "The Greatest Thing" aren't included because both were eventually released officially by other artists (Adam Lambert and Cher respectively).
    - "PARTYNAUSEOUS" and "Red Flame" were excluded due to Lady Gaga not being the lead artist.

    And a question: should songs that were only performed live and have no studio versions available (for example "Future Love" and "Living on the Radio") be included or not?
    Feel free to remind me if I missed something - all suggestions are more than welcome.
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  7. RJF


    yas at the hell thread being locked
  8. what do u guys think about artpop
  9. I freak out
    freak out
    freak out
    freak out
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  10. I know nothing about her unreleased material, so I'm here for this.
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  11. Did it even take a second for this thread to be bumped?
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  12. Does anyone else think that Born This Way could have had a better singles run?
  13. Monster deserved to be a single. What a bop!
  14. Dance In The Dark deserved to have a worldwide release with another iconic video, and then this could happen.
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  15. Yes!
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  16. I just watched the Born This Way video and I didn’t like it as much as I remembered. There is far too much of the bikini dancing scene

    And yes @Music Is Life @QueenB
    I was listening to The Fame Monster this morning and them two tracks are a total rush and both could have been stellar singles !
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  17. well ......

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  18. Screaming @ the Stoopid Luv thread being locked already.

    So what are gonna be discussing until the 21st girls? Songs that should have been singles? Was ARTPOP a success or a complete flop? How many songs did she scrap before Joanne? #LG6 wishlist?

  19. RMK


    Not us having a release date, and a locked thread for the album.
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