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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

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  2. I mean she did make an appearance dressed as a chicken nugget after all.
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  3. Imagine this giant braid in the style of Shangela's Cornacia wig? Whew!
  4. RMK


  5. Brandon did a breakdown of some looks he's done, starting with Gaga's MET look and all the fabric and time and process that went in to creating it. Pretty interesting.
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  6. Does The Fame exist on any region's Spotify still? In Canada it's been consolidated with The Fame Monster (Deluxe). And yet Cheek To Cheek gets two listings...

    FameGa lost!
  7. Huh at least in Germany we have The Fame, The Fame Monster and The Fame Monster (Deluxe).
  8. Is ‘Eh Eh’ really a sad break up song? Gaga let’s her ex down gently but is still getting dicked while eating pasta.

    She won.
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  9. Yes but Cardi's boyfriend didn't.
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  10. It does in Australia.
  11. Jonas did a retrospective interview about Telephone with Variety;
  12. Jonas is just... the best
  13. What a fantastic interview! I really loved the part about Gaga rebelling against MTV - "We can do this all online, on YouTube". She was really smart about it and saw the importance of YouTube, arguably jump starting the relevance of Music Videos once again.

    As Jonas says, "music videos are not really meant to get a long life" but Gaga was savvy and intelligent enough to know we were moving towards a more visual society, and decided to really invest in them and make them cultural resets moments like it hadn't been done for a while.
  14. a mind of a mastermind, truly
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  15. The MTV thing doesn't make much sense to me. Gaga became a superstar post TRL and and MTV showing music videos. In 2009 and 2010 it was the channel that showed The Hills and Jersey Shore. I don't get why MTV would have been approving her video treatments in.... 2009? When they'd already stopped showing music videos as a main part of their identity.
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  16. MTV was still music centric in Europe and most parts of the world back then. I personally vividly remember watching Telephone on MTV in the UK for the first time and it was still how most people consumed music videos. I also remember how much they blurred and edited stuff out of her videos so I guess they were still holding some kind of power.
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  17. Well beyond MTV, there were still other music channels that showed videos as part of their regular programming like Fuse and VH1. I mean, even Britney had to have TV edits approved by these people in 2011. And Gaga also used to do the absolute most back then and organize televised premieres for her videos.
  18. So I wonder if Aura was the song they thought of doing as the closing chapter of the trilogy.

    I know there were rumors back then.
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  19. Gaga was the bridge between the TRL generation and Youtube. It may seem like there's a gap in between as TRL is thought of as early 2000s, but let's not forget TRL was still on air in 2008 when she debuted, and she visited the show. Music channels were still very much a thing and the way people consumed music videos in '08. Those couple of years after were the tipping point and Telephone was probably one of the first examples of music videos being a huge event again in the internet era.
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  20. I can’t believe it’s been ten years since the Telephone premiere. The days leading up to it on G*g*D**ly were such a mess dncjj
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