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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I finally watched the Marry The Night video in full and WOW. I can't get it out of my head. A masterpiece.

    Is there any released studio version with the bass-synth-things* from the car scene?

    (*I have no idea what the proper term is)
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  2. There’s not an official version that has them alone at the intro, but if I recall correctly the stems for the whole song leaked at some point. Those are the bass synths from the chorus!

  3. I live for her old demos and the voices like this she used to do (Well, Also attributed to the fact she was younger and her voice was different at the time, of course)
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  4. Not this being one of my random wallpapers in times like these.
  5. Happy Birthday when it comes Googs! Hope you get a day off from finding solutions to the pandemic - don’t worry, we won’t stop x
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  6. Nn fans are speculating that they had a falling out because of his Trump support

  7. Wait what? Who had a falling out?
  8. Gaga and her father, presumably? I can see the stans assuming she'd be covering the staff's wages otherwise.
  9. She adores that man. No matter his transgressions, I can’t imagine her ever falling out with her father. (Not to say she can’t be disappointed/upset with him).
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  10. I also just cant picture he'd be a Trump supporter.
  11. Super messy of him, you know people are gonna come for Gaga. Maybe he can stop making 1k donations to the trump campaign and use that to pay his employees instead of making this public and basically dragging his daughter into this mess on her birthday
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  12. I mean, he might be. I’m sure a lot of celebrities (is he even a celebrity?)/rich people secretly are Republicans. That being said, it’s not fair to drag Gaga into this.
  13. Fans dug up something that showed he donated to Trump’s campaign as recently as December. Her dad is typically messy on Twitter, but I’m surprised he did this
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  14. It is pretty out there.
  15. I mean. She's the co-owner of the restaurant, isn't she? Why is she not paying her employees despite being worth, you know, $300 million?
  16. Is she STILL co-owner of the restaurant though? That was dated back in 2011.
  17. Shit i wasn't aware she was co-owner at one point. Even if she wasn't or isn't anymore, she has tweeted and talked about it enough that people will drag her about not helping the people working at her dad's restaurant since he made it so public (especially when you put it next to her tweets about the delay over coronavirus etc). Its really unfair to her and a shitty move from her dad
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  18. She only bought it for him, but I don’t think it was ever in her name. Her father and Art Smith are the actual owners – they also own another restaurant in Grand Central Station.
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  19. I figured she only bought it for him, and probably invested some money in to ensure that it kept afloat. Though, people are using it as means to say that she is responsible for not paying those employees and helping keep them paid during the close. Unfortunate but that's the internet.
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  20. I’ve read somewhere that the Trump donation thing was fake and it’s another Joe Germanotta? Anyhow, it wouldn’t really surprise me ff.

    Also, him going on twitter begging for money and starting a GoFundMe to pay his employees is fucking messy. I don’t want her to be dragged into this shitshow but it’s inevitable I guess.
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