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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Remember when having a restaurant was a celebrity 'thing' for a hot second? Right before perfume became the more viable side hustle? Britney had Nyla in New York (which she jumped ship from like 8 months later), J.Lo had Madres in Pasadena, Justin had some sort of bbq place in Memphis I think. Fun times.
  2. Well it doesn't look like he's the one that started the Gofundme. His name isn't on the creator byline for it.
    And I don't know... Just because your daughter is Lady Gaga doesn't mean she owes your employees anything. But if they are on good terms at the moment anyways- which- I was surprised to hear they might not be, she could easily throw money at that.
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  3. I remember listening to an interview of her where she said she gives half of her money always to him since she „owes“ her career to him.

    Obviously I don‘t know if that was true and how much she gave him.

    But I agree she should pay the workers in these hard times instead of „punishing“ them cause she wants to punish him.

    Anyway Happy Bday Gaga, now give us the damn album.
  4. She was exaggerating, as she does. She “gave” him money in the sense that he used to run Mermaid Touring – he worked for her. But obviously that’s not happening anymore now that he’s running two restaurants full time.
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  5. Remember when he posted photos of his feet? Simpler times.
  6. Just found out that this is what the Babylon instrumental samples.

    Listening to the entire album right now and loving it. Highly recommended to any other electronic music fans. @Andy French ?
  7. Actually Los has clarified it doesn't sample the above song, they both just happened to use the same sample that can be bought.
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  8. RJF


  9. Cheapness Punk!!
  10. Someone commented Lady MAGA under the donation tweet I...
  11. Happy Birthday Legend!!! Miss you lots.
  12. “My very close friend” she’s flexing your honor.
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  13. I have friends that are MUAs too.
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  14. "have some pasta."
  15. aux


    Italian queens
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