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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Do we really need another ‘Million Reasons’ performance?

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  2. You’d get it if you read my other post. So people were getting hyped about her performing at that Elton thingy and maybe perform Stupid Love acoustic. And I said, since she’s the ultimate betrayer, that she would sing Million Reasons again (for the 1000000th time) and we would deal. Well it seems like she doubled (tripled, quadrupled, etc) the betrayal by not even performing.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Fans thinking Gaga is going to perform at all for the rest of the year

  5. Her first big appearance happening on April Fool's Day I-
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  7. RJF


    I can't wait to compare this to last night's appearance! Do you think her sunglasses will be on or off? Will she be sitting or standing?
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  8. I feel like this is going to be directed mostly to what she spoke about in her IG story as well as the BTWF and whatever they’re doing to help.

    Chromatica can you hear me? Hold on girl, hold on.
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  9. The absolute gag when it's an appearance talking about social distancing
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  10. Wednesday, April 1: At Home Edition: Lady Gaga, Russell Wilson & Ciara and musical guest Marcus Mumford plus Best of Fallon moments. Show 1232E

    No performance from her living room and deep in my heart I wish it could be about the album and dropping the new date but I know it will be "we need to stay at home and spread online kindness"
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  11. That's exactly what it's going to be lol we know her like a book.
  12. Exactly. As I said people were getting hyped. Not me. I don’t get my hopes up for nothing “her”-related.

  13. The way her team chose to distribute the songs’ units for The Fame/The Fame Monster is.....a choice. They wasted the opportunity of having a DIAMOND certified album in the US. But anyways, it’s great to see her catalog finally getting updated.
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  14. polka dot dress neon green triangle earrings
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  15. RMK


    She literally has a Diamond album right there, but they went for a multi-plat EP? Weird.

    Can't say messiness surprises me, though.
  16. Y'all go blue in the face telling everyone The Fame Monster is her 2nd album and not an EP, and now you're irritated that its counted as a separate album?
  17. It’s a bit confusing...but The Fame + Monster were sold together and counted as one album/a reissue/a deluxe in most countries in the world. Lots of charts and publications also count them as one. Her team had the choice to certify The Fame (Monster) 1x Diamond and the EP that was sold separately in the US 2x Platinum. It would make more sense, but they went for....whatever they did instead.
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    It's just about her getting a Diamond certification. If they're calling it an "EP" for certifications than that's what it'll be acknowledged as. Even if it was recognized as a second album for the label, they shifted the units over this time around despite them being counted different before.
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  19. Her appearance last night didn't spread enough corona-fighting kindness, so I'm excited to see how closer to a kindness cure we'll get after this.
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