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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I love her, but if I have to hear about kindness yet again....

    Hope her appearance goes well. Though going by her social media, I'm not sure if she gets what people want or need out of celebs in times like these. It is tricky. One doesn't want to appear too non-chalant, but I think people mostly want to be entertained and briefly distracted from the hell that is going on right now, not hear famous people talking platitudes at them, but she's very earnest by nature, so I won't be surprised if she gives Gal Gadot teas. Basically we need Howard Stern Interview Gaga to make an appearance, not Lady Bono.
  2. I have zero hopes for that interview and won‘t be watching.
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  3. Yes.
  4. Also, I forgot to add that when shes's not trying to be a Serious Public Figure, its easy to forget she's fun. Like when she just randomly stays stuff like this: (a meme most pleasing to me in her career):

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  5. Welp. I said this a week ago:

    But now with Sam Smith announcing his already once delayed album is now delayed again past June with no release date in sight, I'm less optimistic this will be the case for Gaga. Seems like the record labels have serious cold feet. I thought everyone would see there is no good time to release music so they'll go ahead and do the best they can instead of pushing everything into what will be a very crowded 4th quarter. But it's looking to me like thats whats gonna happen. And inevitably someone (probably someone like Sam Smith) will end up getting delayed until next year because record execs will go "Oh we can't do that week in November - thats Gaga. Oh we can't do the next week, thats Taylor's re-recording of her first album. Oh the next week is Adele and she'll be #1 till the end of the year".

  6. A nightmare.
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  7. Thee Fame Monster... dasjfkl;s
  8. RJF


    What's gonna happen when the US isn't back on its feet by the end of the year?
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  9. Some of these fans I-

  10. You'll get more kindness and you will deal.
  11. Even I have my limits.

    I assume she’s watching the news and knows we won’t have a handle on this thing until at least August. Hoping they have a plan to move forward with a new rollout designed to fit with the bizarro “from home” promo standards that 2020 has left us with and fuck whatever they were going to do/save it for later if they have to.

    Live Nation is supposed to re-open on April 12th, which means she should be able to resume working, since entertainment/media falls under an essential business in L.A.
  12. Probably the same thing that happened to Artpop Act II.
  13. That album didn’t even exist though...
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  15. Exactly!
  16. I actually don't mind her popping up in these things to tell people to take care of themselves.
    I just mind that she put her album aside to do it.
    I hope whatever big secret philanthropic things she says she's doing ends up actually making a difference.
  17. Say Schrodinger’s Chromatica three times fast.
  18. RJF


    ATRL Thread: Is Chromatica Gaga’s Original Doll?
  19. I feel like it’d be the opposite and they would move Gaga’s release to next year to avoid a Q4 Sam Smith release clash.

  20. We’re avoiding clashes with... Sam Smith now?
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