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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. RJF


    Rihanna cleared her throat last November which is why it got pushed back to April initially.
  2. I haven't listened to Stupid Love since she decided to postpone Chromatica, it did leave a bitter taste. I sort of understand the decision but I can't help feeling mildly betrayed by mother (I know that sounds entitled but I trusted her oops). I'm sure the duet will make me get over it though!
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  3. Same dd. Deleted it from my Bops list too. Childish, yes. Was I right? Also yes.
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  4. Mess.
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    I stopped listening to "Stupid Love" when I realised it was fucking terrible, which was after two listens. Glad y'all are catching up!

  6. To be honest I haven't been able to enjoy her catalogue after that messy note post. It left a shitty taste in my mouth that I just cant really listen to her music for a while.
  7. I feel like whatever the decision is, they're going to have to make it soon. With the tour left untouched in it's place for right now, if they have optimism that it will happen, they need to yknow... actually release the album the tour is to promote before then. So they need to start planning that out and executing, or they need to move the tour.
  8. I think she knows there’s a very slim chance of the tour happening, and she knew when she made her first announcement. She just didn’t want to drop all the bad news on us at once. Plus that way Live Nation can try and hold on to everyone’s money until next year. We’ll probably get confirmation once their headquarters opens back up in a couple weeks.
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  9. Will she delay the album until she's able to do the tour then? Gaga can sell tickets whenever so I hope not. Other artists who I wont name for fear all hell will break loose in this thread have their tour pushed to January, big gap between album and tour.

    I just... want to know what Gaga's plan is.
  10. No, they’d just... postpone the tour. And keep in mind there was nearly an entire year between Born This Way and its tour. It’s not a big deal.
  11. I'm just hoping we get something soon, some album art, a grat track, even just another photo from a shoot.
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  12. Well she hinted at certain “surprises” being still on the table so hopefully April brings some of that along with it.
  13. Also, considering she stated she’d announce a new release date very soon, there’s probably no way they’d push the album to Q4; it’s just that they’re currently in the process of re-constructing the promo rollout, adapting to the current terms (as it was already pointed out here several times).
  14. Nobody is gonna get optimism out of this fanbase at the moment. Let us seethe and then be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed again.
  15. Because it didn't belong on there in the first place?

  16. Make up ones
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  17. RMK


    It become apparent to me that once they delayed once, it opened the door for a few more pushbacks as this crisis will be ongoing. It doesn't seem like their game plan is to miss the Q2 window, but it's definitely a possibility. The promo of the era truly would've been starting this week which is just what the single needed; Stupid Love is slowly declining. It is a bit sad knowing there was really huge plans behind this album, and she was in great standing to launch.
  18. I wouldn’t expect anything in April since the US is on lockdown till the 30th and she seems to be involved in some sort of helpline with WHO/Born This Way foundation.

    A promo single early May with Rain on Me at the end of the month and the album on the 12th of June seems possible.
  19. I would find it actually genuinely irritating if we don't get anything on April 10th. That would truly be a slap in the face.
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  20. [​IMG]
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