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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Sam uses they/them/theirs not he/him/his

    (not attacking you just pointing out do you can make the change moving forward!)
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  2. RMK


    Rain On Me will sell the album, so they should wait until the week before to release that.
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  3. We don't even know if Rain on me is a good song to sell the album. I don't think slapping Ariana on a single is guaranteed success.
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  4. Pop girl collabs in general aren't always sure fire hits, doesn't mean the song can't be a bop though. We'll see.
  5. Why is this fanbase obsessed with bullying Sarah Tanno?
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  6. They’ve always been obsessed with bullying her. It’s sad
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  7. I’m not anticipating the album any time before mid to late June, and I think July or even August seems more realistic as time passes.
  8. RMK


    Even if it sucks we have Ariana's streaming power for SEA, and hype of any music video to propel the song if released during album release week. So, at worst, that's two weeks carrying us.
  9. Rain On Me isn’t going to suck.
  10. kids_could_you_lighten_up_a_little.jpg

    (I realize this is easier said than done in the current climate though dd)
  11. What they did last night or yesterday was definitely way too far.
  12. What did they do?
  13. Also re: the fanbase treating Sarah like shit, I‘m pretty sure they did the same thing with Tara. I don’t understand it.
  14. Someone named "Nick Gurr" went into her Instagram live stream purposely so she would greet them and it would sound like she said "Hi N***er*, a set up mess.

  15. They did and as soon as she left they’ve been begging for her back. It seems to be a cycle with anyone Gaga works with.
  16. Oh, people have done this to other celebs before, it’s annoying.
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  17. Yikes!
  18. I always kinda wonder why people get upset that she's not as engaged with the online fanbase as she used to be when they constantly pull shit like that. It's very entitled and possessive behavior, and I don't blame her for being disillusioned by it; didn't fans nearly topple her fucking tour bus trying to get to her in like 2014?
  19. I just have no expectations since her and the label felt Stupid Love was a strong enough song to be the lead single compared to the other songs.
  20. I mean, it’s done well considering there’s been little to no promo, so clearly they were right in sticking with it
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