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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. RMK


    Yeah, Stupid Love was a good choice. It needed the extra push this week would've given it, and the trajectory on radio is all on callout scores at this point, but I'm okay with them saving the best for last.
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  2. It's done much better than I thought it would though. It's a solid hit in the UK - still top 10 on iTunes, climbing back into the top 40 on Spotify and in its 5th week top 20 overall. I didn't expect it to hang around after the high debut, but people are here for it.
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  3. I love it and have been streaming it since it leaked came out, but Stupid Love isn’t doing well at all. Radio, ironically, is the only thing keeping it afloat and it will most likely drop it soon because of its poor performance on streaming or if the callout scores aren’t good enough. Even The Cure performed better on Spotify. This had a big debut then it just....didn’t stick with the GP. They streamed it and never came back.
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  4. “The Cure” was actively pushed on streaming, though, which is my point. If we’re going by lead singles then “Stupid Love” has done just fine. Especially since they haven’t really done anything to support it beyond releasing the video.

    Apparently the planned iHeart performance was meant to be with Ariana, so there definitely wouldn’t have been a push for “Stupid Love” as far as that goes.
  5. *sigh* What a moment that could have been.
  6. Wouldn’t it be smarter to release Rain On Me in the next few weeks and let it lead the album promo and push another song closer to the release of Chromatica?
  7. To be fair Stupid Love had a higher Spotify playlists reach than The Cure. And it got a really nice push on Apple Music too. It basically got the treatment Gaga’s fans have been asking for since Million Reasons, even radio was on board this time.

    I personally think that the song is the problem and not her, the initial numbers/big debut just prove it. If Rain On Me sticks better with the listeners then she could get a big hit this era. I’m just glad Pop radio is willing to support her again.
  8. At the end of the day, the song still went top 5. It’s far from a flop.
  9. Maybe Rain On Me is the best song by far
    so it makes sense to release it around the album.
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  10. The new “They shipped it, but it got shipped back.”

    [​IMG] dd
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  11. RMK


    Really? Weird, since everyone thought that was coming the 3rd. I guess Rain On Me being their definitive huge song from the album leaves room for less, but if I were them I'd do a little more for Stupid Love.
  12. I think it was coming on the 3rd, but the first we’d of heard it would have been live, I guess.
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  13. I wonder if her and Lady Starlight are still friends.

    holy shit i'm bored.
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  14. I’m assuming it’s a placeholder like every other date we’ve seen so far from retailers.
  15. They also lost a tonne of streams because a chunk of her fan base had the song for weeks but oh well.

    “It was all part of the rollout”.
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  16. Honestly, if Stupid Love was indicative of the direction and quality for the rest of the album, I'm glad she has time to reconsider it and possibly record new material in light of it not being the hit she might have expected. It's a good song, but we all know she can do better. Maybe the delay will save us from getting another ARTPOP, and give her space to create another Born This Way.
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  17. I can’t believe ya’ll got the Chromatica thread locked down, only to have the discussion move into this one now.
  18. I really don't think she's gonna change the album. We've also only heard 1 song, so being hopeful she'll change 15 other songs you've never heard seems a bit dramatic.

    There was no reason for it to be locked in the first place. 2 pages of Dua Lipa comparisons and y'all went into a gay panic.
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