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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. OH! I didn't know! Well, I came across it on my twitter feed and loved it, You definitely need to do more!
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  2. Of course, thank you again! If you have any recommendations, let me know. I have a bunch done just posting one a day.
  3. Well if you're in an early Gaga kick, You can cross some untreaded (lightly treaded, probably) fan art territory... Such as fanarting The Fame Part One film. The intro and Candy Warhol films from The Fame Ball. Hell... the Eh, Eh video.
    But like... don't let me tell you what to be inspired by.
  4. I just listened to Born this way (the album) for the first time
    its 9 am and i am going to sleep now
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  5. Well it's about time.
  6. Where... have you been
  7. Bloody Mary is such a great song. I like how it takes its sweet time to get going and then by the end the outro adlibs just batter you over the head repeatedly with a crucifix. A whole mood.
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  8. “Bloody Mary” is devastating. If I were someone who rated things, I’d say it’s definitely in her top five tracks.
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  9. There are people who were like 5 years old back then.
  10. "Bloody Mary" is just bizarre. One of her weirdest tracks, and absolutely better for it.
  11. Ooh, we're stanning Bloody Mary? One of her best. The operatic interludes, the demonic choir in the bass, the ĆMÖ§þHÈRÈ, the way she snarls that 'Rewrite the agro of my furied heart' bit. I get chills every time.
  12. We don't acknowledge that fact, we don't talk about it!
  13. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    100%. If not Top 3. I get why it wasn’t a single, but I wish there had been some other outlet to give it visuals, like a perfume video or something.

    And my biggest regret about the Joanne tour being cancelled in the UK is that I’ll probably never get to dance, dance, dance with my hands, hands, hands, above my head, head, head to it live.
  14. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    The lyrics are bizarre but also wheww...worldly?

    Not many people can slip in references to Pontius Pilate into song or drag Michelangelo and make it work. The point of view of the lyrics, as if Mary Magdalene is conscious in the 21st century and is furious about how passively she’s been represented in art and scripture in the preceding centuries is just a work of genius.

    There are parallels with the meta-fictional epilogue of The Handmaid’s Tale in which a historian from the future coldly assesses Offred’s story as if she a historical artefact rather than a real human being with real anguish. It serves to highlight that when scholars or artists depict historical figures, they can often forget their humanity.

    She even manages to back reference one of her own songs which I just love for its aptness.

    The only line that irks me is “on mountain tops in Paris cold”. Paris is famously mountain free.
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  15. The screams, the chants, the bass, the adlibs, wow what a moment most pleasing to me.
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  16. If it helps I assumed it was On mountain tops, in Paris cold - i.e listing two different places she will wait!
  17. I don't mean to make you feel bad, but when I saw her in Washington, she straight up looked me in the eye and pointed at me during "Bloody Mary." My drunk ass practically dissolved.
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  18. Maybe Montmartre - literally the mount of the martyr - which would fit nicely with the lyrics. And the Montparnasse neighborhood used to be an artificial hill made out of rubble from the Paris catacombs. I would love to think there's a story behind that line.
  19. This is normal. Most of the deals I see are for vs 80% or vs 85% of the profits after breakeven, but as an artist gets bigger they generally increase this percentage. I've seen some for 90% and 95%. I imagine she's probably on at least a vs 90% deal these days.
  20. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Stawwwp. Bloody Mary and Dancin’ In Circles in the same live show again? It’s just not realistic.

    Not to mention that *THAT* performance of The Cure is one of my fave Gaga performances of all times...
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