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General Lady Gaga Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. LG7 to be a synth heaven-industrial Hell double album yes please maybe?
    I think this is one of my favorite remixes, like, ever. Used to listen to it instead of the original before realizing it was also great nn.

    This & Electric Chapel (Two Door Cinema Club)... ugh talent. The Remixes were always a great companion for the main pieces.
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  2. rdp


    Ugh, yes. I used to listen to this and the Wild Beasts remix all the time. The You and I single release really brought some of her best remixes.
  3. The fact that Angel Down is the closest she has to an official electronic ballad (even though I love the song)...
    I think her nasal / girly voice would sound really good on something similar to Goldfrapp's Black Cherry.
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  4. Sam


    I’d say Dope is more electronic than Angel Down
  5. I thought she did that but replaced them? or maybe i was dreaming.
  6. She recorded live instruments for ARTPOP
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  7. Honestly, for all its mess, Artpop was iconic. She was in full performance artist mode. I stan the Marina Abramovic mini-era.
  8. It's also 10x better.
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  9. Talking of ARTPOP, I can never get enough of this performance

  10. I absolutely love this look so much. One of my favorites from the era.
    I wish the middle 8 in the studio version sounded more like this performance. I love when she sings the harmony/goes higher.
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  11. Sam


    I’ll never forgive her for those backing vocalists. Never.
  12. Her first performance of Sexxx Dreams on the iTunes festival is still it for me.

  13. The way I thought the spoken parts were Madonna when she first posted this, sending me into a mildly deluded anticipatory frenzy...I still think “broken” in particular sounds exactly like her here.
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  14. It’s very “Justify My Love”-era Madonna vocals for the iTunes Festival and I mean that as a total compliment. Pity that they kind of butchered it with the official album version.
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  15. I'm pretty sure that the spoken word vocals are the exact same takes used for the album version of the song? And yes, she sounds like Madonna.
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  16. I think this goes here... ARTPOP was the record that made me a Gaga stan. I had no idea about the controversies surrounding the era and for a long time it was my favorite Gaga record (like right before the Joanne release). I was so drawn into its chaotic nature and listening it now, i still hold it to a high regard.
  17. ^I know a lot of people IRL who only properly got into Gaga's music when she released Applause. And they've no idea how much shit she got from her own fanbase through the ARTPOP and Born This Way album campaigns.
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  18. I do know about ARTPOP but... what’s the T with Born This Way?
  19. The iTunes Festival version of Manicure is still sooo good. I ended up liking the album version too but I adore the first version of the chorus.
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