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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

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    Oh yeah, I understand that. The song already has kind of a dark undertone to it, so the choice to add him was deliberately twisted which is basically what she said. But that's why I find it so frustrating, because like I said before, it's a 10/10 song at its core. Just an all-around incredible pop song. And it didn't need to be cloaked in so much grossness if a different male artist was brought on board instead, but I know that wasn't where her mind was when she was adding R. Kelly to the song.
  2. I’ve always thought R.Kelly was a deplorable but when I first heard Do What U want, I gagged. I thought how sadistic and dark “she went there”. The audacity of it all. I still listen to it regularly because I think it’s a genius track.
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    Yeah, there was a reason for R. Kelly, but it's a shame because she really chose one of the worst possible people. That song is amazing, I don't even think a phoned in T.I verse (unless it was in the vein of Tik Tik Boom) could ruin it.
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    Joanne and it’s tour could be the best she’s ever been styled. Not a step wrong.
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  5. Joanne is my girl, think she’s going to be my forever fave Gaga album.
  6. The synth heaven bridge here is still such a moment.

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  7. Never experienced that emotion.
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  8. I'm still disappointed that my mother's first Gaga concert was the Enigma Super Saturday Night - whatever you want to call it. She won't stop talking about how bad it was... Considering that Gaga's Superbowl and Joanne tour were some of her best experiences.
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  10. This is cute but I wonder if the group title / description was changed more recently even though it was created in 2005.
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  11. I don’t use Facebook anymore, but I’m pretty sure they have something that shows if anything has been edited at all, and the ability to see those previous edits.
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  12. Correct. I can't actually find this page though, has it been made private or am I just rubbish?
  13. God, “Aura” still fucking destroys. “Towering” can only begin to describe it.
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  14. The staging, video interludes...everything was so good.
  15. Also, totally worth to be put here too!

    She's fantastic. And Dance in the Dark still THAT song.
  16. It will be so exciting to see the next generation of popstars who grew up idolizing Gaga and how they filter her influence.
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  17. Interesting throwback, but after the buzz he got with Rain On Me, ChewFu decided to "check the vault" and release what was supposed to be an Official Monster remix, commissioned back in 2010.

    The odd thing is that he actually released this back in 2013. On soundcloud. I think he decided to put a Free HQ download up or something.

    (2013 upload from youtube)
  18. I was gonna say... He put this out years ago.
    He's always had pretty killer Gaga mixes though. I don't know if I really *need* him to mix anything on Chromatica though but...
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