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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. For some reason, I find "Rescue Me" incredibly obnoxious and often find myself wishing that The Immaculate Collection ended rightfully with "Justify My Love."
  2. Junior Vasquez leaked it a few months ago. I wish he'd post some more gems.

    Currently bopping

  3. She's cornering that Halloween skincare market. Pioneering, as always.
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  4. Imagine all those demos remastered and chucked on Spotify. But nope. Not happening anytime soon.

    Issa shame.
  5. It'd be interesting if they pulled an Xscape (the MJ album not the group) with the demos from that era: finish/update/remix the production and also include the original versions.
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  6. Thank goodness this song got a 2nd chance in the UK. Far too amazing to have ever been a flop.
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  7. I'm a bass junkie, so moi aussi.
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  8. LTG


    Who hurt you?
  9. I heard Erotica at a bar last weekend and it was incredible. Plot twist - it wasn't WeHo!
  10. oh_wow_oh_wow_OH_my_god.gif

    Who is the gay at Sainsbury's making this happen?
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  11. can tell even from that image it's still the same grainy low-quality cover art though, booooooooooo. But I'm sold on blue vinyl!
  12. Also Like a Virgin on clear vinyl. Is Ray of Light gatefold?
  13. It'll just be the same as the previous pressing, 2 discs with silver and white dust sleeves - it's not like her team to add some nice little extras (which would cost them nothing).
  14. Just ran out of work, got in my car, put my foot down all the way to the nearest big sainsburys and panic walked all the way to the vinyl section.

    Got them!
  15. It's...

    It's the wrong blue...
  16. I feel like the Like a Prayer vinyl they had should have been plum or something instead of red.
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