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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Goodness, why did they drain all of the colour from her skin for the final cover? She looks like a corpse on the version we ended up with
  2. I actually love the Hard Candy cover now ddddd. It’s so tacky and vulgar and appropriate for the album.
  3. I've made peace with the Hard Candy cover, though it's my least favorite. At least the music is great.

    I'm more frustrated with the MDNA situation where the cover is incredible and the music is meh.
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  4. Listened to Music recently. I still think it's one of her sonically most beautiful records, but the lyrics are so light on substance a lot of the time. Which there's nothing wrong with, but the music itself sounds like deeper lyrics should be on top of it. Amazing's music is profoundly beautiful, almost mystical, and the lyrics just don't hold their side of the bargain. And then there's Nobody's Perfect, where the lyrics are simplistic to a fault. The three songs that I think actually do lyrics really well is Don't Tell Me, What It Feels Like For A Girl, and Gone. The lyric "Turn to stone/Lose my faith/I'll be gone/before it happens" is pretty deep.
  5. The melody of Nobody's Perfect has a nursery rhyme quality to it that fits the somewhat simplistic lyrics, I think. In fact, the song is so confrontational and intense the straightfoward lyrics make it even more devastating. See also: Mother & Father.
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  6. Why don't you come sit next to @dodoriazarbon and me.

    Also I'm probably the only person on the planet who uses the standard MDNA album cover over the deluxe.
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  7. ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ is so damn haunting. I love everything about it.
  8. ^Invented autotune.
  9. Indeed. Both are legends in their own right and we can love both without having to get them to compete.
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  10. I’m watching the Rebel Heart Tour since it’s raining here and after Beyoncé last night I figured what the heck it’s not like I actually need a scalp right? And the ‘True Blue’ performance is making me emotional. Just a little bit. It’s so touching, seeing all the gays and the women who love them hugging in the crowd, and just hearing her sing it again after being sure it’d never be performed again. I love her.
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  11. The Hard Candy cover is so unappologetically tacky and trashy, and I love it. that’ssomadonna.gif
  12. What's the story behind the original Hard Candy boxing theme being dropped ?
  13. She just went with a title that she liked better.
  14. This has me shook.
  15. Sometimes I just have to remind myself how fucking life changing this is.

    Everything about it. The ominous buildup, that sample, the leotard, the royal cooch thrusting into the camera, the way the song completely rips itself apart only to come back together and truly decapitate you once and for all. A Moment. Iconic. Queen. Nothing but respect for MY President etc etc. Wow.
  16. Can you imagine dying on October 5, 1982 and never getting to experience Madonna? Horrible.
  17. One thing I feel is slightly underrated about the Hung Up music video is that the cinematography is really, really good. It's sleek and kind of timeless, and does the whole "throwback" vibe with the right amounts of subtle and obvious. They did an excellent job.
  18. So true. In the wrong hands it could have been a cheesy, obvious mess but they pulled it off brilliantly.
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  19. I think about this performance often.

    What an icon.
  20. Also RE: Hung Up vid - the muffled beat paired with the slo motion dance sequence + boombox dry humping is SO iconic. My tween self was beyond shook.
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