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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I think he just titled his selfie.
  2. No the album is called Dark and the first single Storm.
  3. Exactly! Gender is but a social construct.
  4. I'd actually be very excited if she ever worked with Mirwais again.
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  5. The hashtags...
  6. Come through, Queen.
  7. O

    Mirwais.... please let it be true.
  8. I would actually be happy with the sound in the background and what she's singing. Sounds like a cute melody!
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  9. Isn't it cute? Sounds a lot like Give Me All Your Luvin, such an ear candy.
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  10. Giving the gays everything they want yes Madge!
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  11. That Mirwais hashtag...DON'T PLAY WITH ME MOM
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  12. Total tease!
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  13. The song sounded so familiar I had to google those lyrics to see what it was she was singing - with zero hits. Can't put my finger on it but it does sound so so familiar...
  14. I love everything about this image.


    Imagine the conversation! I die.
  15. Have to differ on this. I am relieved as fuck that's not her new music. It sounds so bland and un-Madonna.
  16. What an absolute STAR.

  17. ROL-era is definitely my favorite look of hers.
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  18. I loved those random little braids she kept sporting back then. So hippie and cute.
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  19. I’d MUCH prefer her Stans to spend all their free time hacking these rather than 12 fucking versions of unfinished demos. Dddd.
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