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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Drowned World Tour too please.
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  2. The thing is, Confessions was shot and broadcast in HD yet, bizarrely, only released in standard definition. No idea what they were thinking.

    Drowned World was only filmed on video as far as I know. But if we're requesting things, how about a double pack of remastered Blond Ambition and Girlie Show? The new generation needs to see where it all started.
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  3. Best single from each decade is really hard to do. 80s would almost certainly be Angel or Open Your Heart, 90s Secret, and in the 00s it's a toss-up between Hollywood and Give It 2 Me. 10s is a bit of a struggle for different reasons, but I'd probably go for Ghosttown, although unlike most I'd say Give Me All Your Luvin' runs it a close second.
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  4. 80’s Like A Blue Madonna
    90’s Light Erotic Stories
    00’ American Music On A Dancefloor
    10’ Madame Heart
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  5. This is art.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Same energy.
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  7. RJF


    Her last two albums comfortably sit in, or at least around, some of her best ever work.

    I said it a while ago but I truly believe this era will be one of Madonna’s most influential - if only in retrospect. An entire generation of female popstars should be citing what she’s doing now in a few decades when they come across widespread resistance for daring to exist and create past a certain age. I honestly feel like her creative longevity is the legacy she’ll leave eventually. Not just the commercial one.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Difficult but (late I know kii)

    80s - Madonna
    90s - Ray Of Light
    00s - Confessions
    10s - Rebel Heart

    80s - Papa Don't Preach
    90s - Frozen
    00s - Don't Tell Me
    10s - Devil Pray
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  9. I want too!
    80s Like A Prayer
    90s Erotica
    00s Music
    10s Rebel Heart

    80s Like A Prayer
    90s Secret
    00s Don’t Tell Me
    10s Living For Love
  10. Even though I like it too, I still don’t see a point of including Confessions and Sorry Remix on live CD. Same goes for The Beast Within & Hollywood Remix. I guess that’s why S&S is my favourite live cd of hers.
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  11. Does anyone here own the “Bedtime Story” double CD single/book? Is the text on the cover foil? There are some photos where it looks like it might be, but there aren’t any details on it that I can find.
  12. LMX


    Madonna + Massive Attack is heaven!
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  13. Probably my favorite b-side by her... so haunting
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  14. E68429C7-D6D3-4504-B404-8C67846068AD.jpeg
    No, it’s not
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  15. Nah it's just standard text.
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  16. Picking True Blue over Like a Prayer in the 80s is... A choice.

    80s : Like a Prayer
    90s: mind says Ray of Light, heart says Bedtime Stories, cock says Erotica. I'll go with mind today.
    00s: American Life
    10s: Madame X

    80s: Oh Father
    90s: Drowned World
    00s: Don't Tell Me
    10s: God Control

    Guess my favorite decade.
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  17. The right choice.
  18. This would be exactly my list if I made one. What is this sorcery and taste?!
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  19. True Blue represents 80s Madonna more than any other option, in my opinion. I think it also marks an important moment by being the first real concept record of hers, yet it still has that bulletproof pop quality that those earlier albums had before her work took on a more serious tone. Unfortunately because of when Like a Prayer came out, it got swallowed up by everything else she was doing and it didn’t live up to its full potential as an album. For the most part, I just consider it a branch of what I call the Blond Ambition era, which falls into the 90s.
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