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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. dddd

    Madonna, the matchmaker:

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  2. Just found an online compilation called Madonna Enigmatica. It includes some remixed, but they are uncredted. Could anyone help me and tell wich remixes are those ?
    01 Intro
    02 Frozen
    03 I'll Remember (Remix)
    04 Sanctuary
    05 Bedtime Story
    06 To Have And Not To Hold
    07 The Beast Within
    08 Frozen (Reprise)
    09 Paradise (Not For Me)
    10 Nothing Really Matters (Remix)
    11 Bittersweet
    12 Don't Tell Me (Remix)
    13 Justify My Love
    14 I Want You (ft. Massive Attack)
    15 Drowned World (Substitute For Love)
    16 Falling Free
  3. Like a Prayer is a great album of course, but sometimes when you just need a Madonna album with uptempo bop after bop, True Blue is the one.
  4. I'm really late but:

    80's- True Blue
    90's - Ray of Light
    00's- Confessions On A Dancefloor
    10's - Rebel Heart

    80's - Papa Don't Preach
    90's - Take A Bow
    00's - Hung Up
    10's - Ghosttown

    Choosing a favorite song was really really hard, particularly from the 00's. I initially had What It Feels Like For A Girl then changed it. Albums was pretty easy. I love Like A Prayer but there are a few songs I'm often in the mood to skip, whereas with True Blue its bulletproof until Jimmy Jimmy.
  5. I love all the songs on True Blue, but for me its "worst" track isn't an album track.
  6. Albums
    80's- True Blue
    90's - Ray of Light
    00's- American Life
    10's - Madame X

    80's - Crazy For You
    90's - Ray Of Light
    00's - Hung Up
    10's - God Control
  7. If we were to include non-singles in the favourite songs from each decade list I think mine would look quite different.
  8. Albums
    80s: Madonna
    90s: Ray of Light
    00s: American Life
    10s: Madame X

    80s: Like A Prayer
    90s: Vogue
    00s: Mother & Father (or Don't Tell Me, if we're talking about singles)
    10s: Girl Gone Wild (I know, I know)
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  9. 80s: Where's The Party
    90s: Back In Business
    00s: Intervention
    10s: I'm Addicted
  10. What track are you referring to?
  11. As far as ranking the albums by decade, this is what I would go with:

    80s: Like A Prayer>True Blue>Madonna>Like A Virgin
    90s: Ray of Light>Erotica>Bedtime Stories
    00s: American Life>Music>Confessions On A Dancefloor>Hard Candy
    10s: Madame X>Rebel Heart>MDNA

    I think the only controversial choices I've made here is in the 00s.
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  12. I thought you got that spot on, teebs.
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  13. La Isla Bonita. But it's still an 8/10.

    In terms of ranking albums by decade:

    80s: True Blue>Like A Virgin>Like A Prayer>Madonna
    90s: Erotica>I'm Breathless>Bedtime Stories>Ray Of Light
    00s: American Life>Confessions On A Dancefloor>Music>Hard Candy
    10s: MDNA>Madame X>Rebel Heart
  14. Oh shit more lists

    80s Like a Prayer>Madonna>True Blue>>>>>>>>Like a Virgin
    90s Ray of Light>Bedtime Stories>Erotica
    00s Music>Confessions>American Life>Hard Candy
    10s Madame X>Rebel Heart>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MDNA
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  15. Re-visiting this interview today and what a great one it is. Madonna looking beautiful, relaxed and right in her element. I feel she gets along with Jonathan Ross slightly better than Graham too overall. It's a shame the Madame X interviews have been a bit less "free" because watching this one is truly a joy.

  16. Does anyone know why What It Feels... (Above & Beyond Remix) wasn't pushed more as a single, it could have become a trance classic
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  17. Yay, another ranking!

    80s: Like A Prayer>True Blue>Like A Virgin>Madonna>
    90s: Bedtime Stories>Ray of Light>Erotica
    00s: American Life>Hard Candy>Confessions On A Dancefloor>Music
    10s: Rebel Heart>Madame X>MDNA
  18. I think as far as bulletproof pop albums go, the debut just works a bit better for me than True Blue. Both have insane highs but I just think the self titled has more of an edge to it.
  19. Hmmm...

    80s: Madonna > Like A Prayer > True Blue > Like a Virgin
    90s: Erotica > Ray of Light > Bedtime Stories
    00s: Confessions > Music > American Life > Hard Candy
    10s: Madame X > MDNA > Rebel Heart
  20. I-
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