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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Oh shit more lists

    80s Like a Prayer>Madonna>True Blue>>>>>>>>Like a Virgin
    90s Ray of Light>Bedtime Stories>Erotica
    00s Music>Confessions>American Life>Hard Candy
    10s Madame X>Rebel Heart>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MDNA
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  2. Re-visiting this interview today and what a great one it is. Madonna looking beautiful, relaxed and right in her element. I feel she gets along with Jonathan Ross slightly better than Graham too overall. It's a shame the Madame X interviews have been a bit less "free" because watching this one is truly a joy.

  3. Does anyone know why What It Feels... (Above & Beyond Remix) wasn't pushed more as a single, it could have become a trance classic
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  4. Yay, another ranking!

    80s: Like A Prayer>True Blue>Like A Virgin>Madonna>
    90s: Bedtime Stories>Ray of Light>Erotica
    00s: American Life>Hard Candy>Confessions On A Dancefloor>Music
    10s: Rebel Heart>Madame X>MDNA
  5. I think as far as bulletproof pop albums go, the debut just works a bit better for me than True Blue. Both have insane highs but I just think the self titled has more of an edge to it.
  6. Hmmm...

    80s: Madonna > Like A Prayer > True Blue > Like a Virgin
    90s: Erotica > Ray of Light > Bedtime Stories
    00s: Confessions > Music > American Life > Hard Candy
    10s: Madame X > MDNA > Rebel Heart
  7. I-
  8. MDNA remains my favourite Madonna album this decade.
  9. Didn't know there was a Q&A session on Icon !

    You said on a recent interview on French radio that you were tired of playing stadiums and sport arenas, and that you’d prefer to perform in theatres or opera houses for your next tour. When do you expect to launch your next tour, and wil you perform songs from Evita and Something To Remember? – Frantz Morel #18791

    Madonna: I will tour sometimes next year and I will include songs from Evita and Something to Remember.

    Maybe next project... or maybe MX is an updated edition of this
    Hearing you sing Veras in perfect Spanish was a really nice surprise! Would you ever consider releasing an all-Spanish album? – Javi Sanchez Margaix #21451

    Madonna: Absolutely.
  10. She used to do Q&As almost every issue of Icon, I want to say. Either her or Liz. Lots of info in those magazines.
  11. I received the physical version of Icon. That's how old I am.
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  12. Just found those :-( the site seems to have just those ones
  13. Me too
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  14. Hyped if she will actually do Evita and Something To Remember songs!

    And list time:

    80s: True Blue>Like A Virgin>Like A Prayer>Madonna
    90s: Ray of Light > Bedtime Stories > Erotica >>>>> I'm Breathless
    00s: American Life>Confessions On A Dancefloor>Music>Hard Candy
    10s: Madame X>Rebel Heart>>>> MDNA
  15. That Q&A with Icon is from 1997!
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  16. Are they not....really really old questions and answers?
  17. Oh my God whaaat I got so excited then!
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  18. There isn't a single song of hers from the 80s that I dislike... I guess the closest is Love Song.
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  19. Jimmy Jimmy?
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