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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. So...Pat Leonard just leaked Angels with Dirty Faces.

    It’s lovely!
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  2. The GAG. I wonder if the other demos he speaks of will leak.
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  3. What?!?! That can’t be his official channel. I mean, has he lost his mind?
  4. I imagine he’s doing it to try and make the tapes that are being auctioned off worthless, since they were basically stolen
  5. They were?! I imagined he had the masters. Or is it more complex than that?
  6. They were Madonna’s personal copies for reviewing, etc. She took the woman who sold them to the auction house to court over them (and the now infamous letter from Tupac), but she lost. So this is, I assume, Patrick’s way of having M’s back.
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  7. JE



  8. Angels With Dirty Faces is another iconic Madonna classic, of course.
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  9. The pre-chorus is a little reminiscent of Who's That Girl. I really love it though and I'm so thankful we get to hear this finally.

    I messaged that Instagram account and asked if they had any idea if we were getting the rest of the demos. They said they heard that we are and will know by Friday.
  10. It's utterly gorgeous! Like a little blast of sunshine from 1987!

    I can see why it went unused. It's very much in the vein of her 1986-1987 work with Pat, but definitely wouldn't have suited the Like A Prayer era.
  11. FUCK

    This sounds a little like her demo of Each Time You Break My Heart, and sounds a million miles away from anything that Like a Prayer would eventually be. Not very 1989-esque at all.
  12. This is such a nice surprise, I love that mid-late 80s production. Thanks Pat!
  13. What a song, the verses and bridges are so strong, with a polish this could have been another No1 for her pre LAP, maybe.
  14. Here’s the cassette, by the way.



    Like a Prayer
    Angels With Dirty Faces
    Spanish Eyes
    Little Girl
    State of Matrimony
    Dear Jessie
  15. It's very

    What a fantastic treat!
    Thank you Patrick Leobopnard.
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  16. Little Girl is the Promise to Try demo isn’t it? I wonder if State of Matrimony is an early version of Till Death Do Us Part
  17. Sounds like it.

    I want
  18. I just teared up at the middle 8.
  19. He did a nice post once with the picture of a Tape featuring many of the demos\songs

    Can't find the original post (or his Instagram page, not sure if he deleted or what).
    Little Girl was the demo for Promise To Try
    Out Of Time was Til Death Do Us Part (funny if it changed title for 3 times).
    Angels is Angels With Dirty Faces
    These were all the first demo\sessions for these songs

    And the last 3 tracks were just instrumentals that didn't go anywhere\Side B was empty

    edit: Just realised the tracklist follows the same from the one Mindtrappa posted\Madge's Copy. These tapes are history, damn.
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