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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Nothing compares to her 90s shows. That was art!! Nothing like it from a pop star.
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  2. Live Nation Sued Over Madonna’s Performance at Eurovision Song Contest

    The KAN Israeli public broadcaster, which produced the Eurovision Song Contest in May, filed a lawsuit in a Tel Aviv court on Thursday against Live Nation and Live Nation Israel. The suit, first reported by Israel’s Yediot Aharonot daily, alleges that Madonna’s representatives violated the terms of their agreement and reneged on financial promises.

    According to the court filing, KAN provided Madonna with technical and logistical support that went beyond the Eurovision production, costs that were supposed to be covered by the singer’s team. The additional support included projectors, headphones, additional stage assistants, tents, security and other extra staff. KAN alleges that Live Nation agreed to cover those costs but never paid up, and attempts to recoup the money since the show have been unsuccessful.

  3. Some of y'all hate her, but it's a lot of fun watching a new Madonna fan listen to this.
  4. “Hate” is a strong word. I just think she is on the most basic level of the taste spectrum most of the time, even though she acts like she’s not.
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  5. I just don't see the point of watching some rando listen to Madonna records with zero context and pretend like their opinion matters.

    Also, her opinions are not particularly insightful or smart.

    She misstated the title of Drowned World/Substitute for Love and stated it sounds "like a movie".
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  6. She's literally just taken something she'd post on this forum and made it into video. So, I find it odd people are so averse to it. I disagree with her on a lot, but for me it's fun to see someone listening in real time
  7. These are ridiculous criticisms, but I won't go there. Just thought I'd post for those who enjoy like I do!
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  8. When she said Skin wasn't a favorite, I pulled a Lori from Shark Tank "I'm out!"
  9. I like her videos, its interesting to me what a madonna virgin points out when they first hear her music.
  10. Exactly, and that's the point of these kind of videos. And she's not just one random girl, she's probably the biggest youtuber that reacts to music.

    She ranked her top 3 on twitter like this:
    Ray of light
    Rebel heart

    We know she loved Music so it's probably 4th

    Then Madame X or American life

    And she hated every second of HC and MDNA
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  11. It's so performative and over the top. The full video is genuinely unwatchable.
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  12. I also find her unwatchable.
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  13. YouTube is legit performative and unwatchable. I just happened to enjoy this one.
  14. I mean I don't take her opinions that seriously either but it's a kii to see how bothered some of you guys are over her videos.
  15. All of you are clown pigs.
  16. I enjoy watching her reactions, even though I often don't agree with her thoughts.

    I had been waiting for the Ray Of Light reaction video, what with it pretty much being the best album of all time and all. I'm pleased she enjoyed and appreciated the majority of it, although I'm lowkey seething over her failure to lose her shit to Skin and Sky Fits Heaven in the same way she did for the 'marked' tracks.
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  17. I love Reinvention's setlist and I think it has some of her strongest live vocals, but I've always found the visuals to look really functional and dull compared to other tours.
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  18. It definitely looks her lowest budget, sandwiched between Reinvention and Confessions
  19. As far as YouTubers discovering her music go I much prefer Prince Shanghai -

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  20. Madonna, is that you?
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