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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. This song is just truly wonderful.
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  2. ooh she nailed this. Nikki Harris feels
  3. Actually, 2 weeks...
  4. Speaking of not knowing her songs, before I actually started listening to full albums I only knew LAP from LAP or only Bonita from True Blue... I only knew Lucky Star and Borderline from debut...

    It always depends where you live and how you got exposed to her music. For me, I was one of those lucky ones growing up during MTV era in early 00s, and MTV used to have Madonna weekends every few weeks where they would only play her videos and interviews.

    Madonna is probably the most played recurrent artist on radios here, even less known songs from 90s are actually played a lot, but people these days can't really name those songs as Madonna songs.

    Having said that, few days ago couple of teenage girls were walking next to me and sang Material Girl. It took me by surprise, but I guess it was Stranger Things impact.

    Her profile really decreased over the years, and her respect has, let's be real, she is seen as a joke now to the point of her not being able to fix her image among GP...

    To think that only a decade ago she was able to get quick little smash without moving her finger...
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  5. I’ve just discovered this, and as much as I love Donna De Lory, knowing Madonna wrote this and hearing her backing vocals at 2:22 really makes my heart ache, because it’s obviously about Sean and her voice just sounds so “Like a Prayer”-esq and melancholic. I want to hear Madonna’s version!
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  6. "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" came on shuffle today while I was washing my car. I had a moment. Got all wet.
  7. Time will fix this. Also, there's still a lot of people out there who fully respect Madonna herself and her catalogue, and there's a lot of younger people intrigued to discover her back catalogue.
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  8. That was a classic that was a classic
  9. Justice for This used to be my Playground.

    I know Madonna reportedly hates the production of the song.
  10. While I agree with you in some respects - foolish be the people or millenials who think Madonna is a joke because without Madonna, all your faves like Taylor, Katy, Ariana, Miley etc. probably would not exist.
  11. The Tracy Young remix of Crave is out now.
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  12. This is so Music Sounds Better With You/ Holiday; the whole time you keep waiting for those two additional chords to appear - it feels like such a tease. I still wish she'd perform the album version on the tour, though.
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  13. Do you have a link ? I can't find it anywhere on spotify/apple music.
  14. Her image problems are due to her refusal to conform to what people want an older woman to be. So she's won no matter what people think of her.

    Also, plenty of people still respect her and a lot of the people who don't are ageist, sexist, or close-minded. She has always been a divisive artist/cultural figure and she always will be. Fan handwringing over her image and what be think of her is missing the point of Madonna.

    Finally, people need to get over her declining commercial success. She is sixty one in the fourth decade of her career. It's natural that she's more of a nice artist now. And Madame X was never going to be a hit with the GP. It is wildly experimental, with only a few songs on it that are easy listens.
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  15. I’m emo
  16. It just seems to be on that remix website (which I’m not sure if you can name)
  17. I wish I met or I've seen one positive comment about her that is not on pop forums. Sure pop music lovers respect her legacy even if they don't listen to her, but that's not the common thing among public these days...

    And she's not doing anything to remind people why she is where she is. Look at Mariah how she turned things around last few years, from someone who was hated and mocked even more than Madonna to this era where she became very likable, respected, polished, acclaimed, and people are reminded that she is artist first, and celebrity second. Madonna is too stubborn to accept the fact thaht she is legacy act and that she needs to treat her legacy better, and it backfired, and it will backfire even more.
  18. The public NEVER liked her. Maybe for 3 seconds during the Evita/Ray Of Light years but that’s it. This is what the woman herself said to Spin magazine in 1998:

    I’m too left-of-center. I’ll never have mainstream acceptance, never. I’ve had moments of it, fleeting moments, but I don’t think my sensibilities are palatable to the mainstream. I mean, I’m an unwed mother. I’ve kissed girls in public.
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