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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. If her team or Warner/Rhino had any sense they'd ask Jeri Heiden (Smog Design) who did the original artwork to create a beautiful box set edition filled with all those incredible unused Herb Ritts shots........never goona happen :-(
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  2. Stan
    Jeri Heiden was my 80s idol, a graphic design god. Her and Smash Hits definitely made me want to be come a graphic designer.
  3. Such an underrated anthem this!
  4. I’d kinda gag if the 4CD boxset came as a bible!
    The gospel according to Madonna
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  5. Like A Prayer with True Blue, Like A Virgin and Madonna

    Four discs

  6. This still bothers me. Also the fact they randomly included the Older unplugged concert as one of the discs.
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  7. Okay, but as someone who doesn't currently have any of these technically, I'd be here for this.
  8. Bahaa!!!
    Disc 1: Like A Prayer
    Disc 2: You Can Dance
    Disc 3: Who’s That Girl OST
    Disc 4: I’m Breathless

    A scam!
  9. True but having that concert in HQ is worth it.

    The reissued vinyl / box set both still used the original covers but yeah, the streaming cover is just... exactly what GM did not want that album cover to be.
  10. RJF


    The Herb Ritts shoot for Like A Prayer is... maybe the most beautiful she’s ever looked. Madonna is and has always been beautiful, of course, but it’s one of the few shoots that seems to dismantle what a force and presence she can be and she’s just... stunning.

    I’m not sure I’m explaining myself well but like, y’all who get it will get it, right? When I see a picture of Madonna her beauty feels like the least important thing going on sometimes to the point where it gets rendered irrelevant. But then, why would divinity care about such mortal conventions in the first place?
  11. It's actually one of the things I've always loved about Madonna. Maybe not so much in recent years but she would always surrender the beauty shot for the overall aesthetic so I completely get your angle on this.
  12. Cute fact. The dub mix of Like A Prayer contains a sample of Princes Bob George which at the time was an unreleased track from his shelved Black Album. This mix is way more funk driven and reeks of Prince

    There's also supposed to be two unreleased Shep Mixes.
    I imagine this is the sort of stuff we're more likely to get than demos.
    and hopefully that Cherish Shocklee & Castellano Remix mentioned before.
  13. I'm hoping that Like a Prayer vault has been completely unearthed. If that Facebook post a few weeks ago is correct, it looks like may be demo's included:

    "My source at Rhino told me today that Madonna gave the Green light for this release and it will include the unreleased recordings that went up for auction or something along that line.

    Madonna's album 'Like a Prayer' is being reissued in November for Black Friday RSD release. Being releases in 5 Editions"
  14. There’s a ton (well, more realistically a handful) of Prince and Madonna collabs from 1987-1988 that would be fun to hear. I love how intertwined their careers were.
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  16. Love my parents
  17. I swear I read this as Princess Boy George.
  18. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

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  19. I didn’t even see there was a link in their post oops
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  20. Sorry, the link was shared in the video and not by me. Anyway:

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