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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I do kind of enjoy watching someone listening to these albums for the first time. I don't always enjoy her reactions but usually afterwards it makes me want to listen to said albums again myself.
  2. Can we all just agree to stop linking to people who make money off stupid opinions?
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  3. Yeah. We know where these videos are if we want to watch them. No need to post them in this thread.
  4. Let me start a web series where I listen to Orbital and Kula Shaker and kiki to all those new sounds.
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  5. If you want something that makes you want to listen to the album after then The Immaculate Podcast is definitely the way to go, I completely rediscovered / obsessed over Madonna's back catalogue when listening to these, very informative.
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  6. AJay is making so many Madonna fans pressed. Lol. It is just a YT clip. You act like teen girls. She isn't a professional critic. Why don't you get mad about bad reviews written by critics instead of a clip by a girl whose opinions don't affect Metacritic?

    Her reviews aren't real reviews. She just express what she likes and dislikes. Don't we all do that?
    At least she could introduce Madonna to other viewers.

    Let's face it, if she did praise all, you would be kissing her ass. You would be satisfied that Madonna was praised and you wouldn't mind or try to correct her if Madonna's worst works were praised too.
  7. I only watched her Madame X video and half of her Rebel Heart video and I just couldn't take it her overall presentation anymore. It's cringey.
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  8. ...But she’s largely enjoyed what she’s heard so none of this post actually makes sense
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  9. You totally missed the point, try again sweat.
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  10. aux


  11. There are always fans who bitch about it just because she didn't like certain songs.

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  12. aux


    Madame X is a troll.
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  13. This is an overreaction.
  14. I'm so tired of this bullshit line of thought and I don't even really care about her reviews
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  15. Why is it wrong that people point out she is not informed enough to make some of the statements she is making? She posted something on the internet, she will receive criticism for it. It can't be (and shouldn't be) helped.
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  16. Okay and?
  17. Madame X is on her way to Chicago and I will not be there to see her live.

    A sadness today through the 17th.
  18. Current album ranking:

    1. Like a Prayer
    2. Erotica
    3. Ray of Light
    4. Madonna
    5. Confessions on a Dancefloor
    6. True Blue
    7. Bedtime Stories
    8. Music
    9. American Life
    10. Like a Virgin
    11. Madame X
    12. Rebel Heart
    13. MDNA
    14. Hard Candy
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  19. I don't usually question people's lists, but album as ambitious, musically rich, and sonically unique as Madame X being ranked below the fillerlicious dated sophomore album is painful to read.
  20. I'm sure there are lots of people who prefer Like A Virgin to Madame X (myself included).
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