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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Material Girl and the title track are probably my least favourite things on there - the rest completely knocks.
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  2. Not if you grew up with it, it isn’t. If you heard it for the first time 10 years ago I can see how the zeitgeist might have passed you by, but Like A Virgin and True Blue remain flawless. They’re pure sonic joy.
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  3. Like A Virgin feels like going in the cupboard under the stairs. Stashed things of value that you don’t use anymore, some broken stuff you intend to fix but should probably be thrown away and some stuff you bought but never used ... there’s something dusty and unorganised about it. There’s a real emptiness about that album despite having some pop bangers on there.
    The era was incredible but because of the lack of Crazy For You , Gambler and Into The Groove, and in some ways for UK peeps of that age the other first album singles that were released around that time too, the album feels a bit abandoned and messy. When it was followed by the most immaculate album project, video and singles run of her career True Blue. Virgin feels more like a cheeky finger than a full blown sesh.
    Virgin will always be about the era and the tour. The album itself strangely feels like the most limp me at least.
  4. You should album reviews for The Sun or Daily Mail.
  5. Shade
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  6. I’ve been using the instrumentals for Erotica and Bedtime Stories along with the rain-sounds app I normally use to help me fall asleep lately. A+ 11/10 absolutely recommend
  7. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    I mean, it is for me.

    It was my first Madonna album in 1985, but I came to the conclusion (sometime in the '90s?) that outside of Dress You Up and Stay it's not much good.

    (True Blue's obviously great though).
  8. Like A Virgin is my least favorite album by M but saying it’s not good is, well, a choice.
  9. I always think of Into the Groove and Crazy for You as being part of Virgin, even though they aren't. But on the actual album I do like Material Girl, Angel, Like A Virgin, Dress You Up, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, and Stay. 6 songs out of 9 ain't bad.
  10. Well, Into The Groove is part of it in a way (at least in Europe before the remaster was released).
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  11. It’d probably benefit from a deluxe version more than most of her albums for that reason. Add those three and a couple of the unreleased demos
    Warning Signs + Desperately Seeking Susan
    The unreleased Like A Virgin remix by Jellybean.
    A newly constructed video for Angel to the unreleased Stephen Bray produced version with footage from some (hopefully) archived videos shoot from the black sand photo shoot.
    A DVD of the FULL tour and Live Aid and you’ve got a great little “era” correctly repackaged.
    Gambler (Stephen Bray version)
    Crazy For You (Jellybean version)

    Better than a bloody clear vinyl eh
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  12. Like a Virgin is better than the debut.
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  13. Crack.
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  14. The first three albums are flawless masterpieces.
    Even Scooby-Doo, even Chimney Chimney, the tiny lows are made up for by the huge highs.
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  15. Was Angel supposed to have a music video using footage of that shoot?
    Surely that can't have been just for the tour book
  17. Fuck knows but the tour screens look like it’s footage in places and I’m sure she has a cine camera in some shots. Warner didn’t put one out for fear of over exposure but who knows if anything was filmed or intended for use.
  18. Absolutely not
  19. Ah, well then that's where we differ. I tend to prefer Madonna's more pop-leaning offerings. I think it's where she excels. Whilst I can appreciate Madame X as an adventurous and intriguing outing for her, I find the songs themselves (even those I like best from the album) rather lacking. And it's the songs themselves that I gain my enjoyment from.

    Of course, American Life is my second favourite Madonna album, but whilst it's quite experimental in terms of its soundscape, I think it's a much stronger set of songs.
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  20. RJF


    The debut is still... so good. It's a scrappy, energetic mess of a thing brimming with potential that she would fulfil and then some. I listen to it and hear the strands of the next thirty plus years; it feels correct in her musical history. She hit the ground running and... really hasn't stopped. Both the debut and Madame X would probably sit quite close to one another on my ranking.

    Ray Of Light
    Like A Prayer
    American Life
    Madame X
    Confessions On A Dance Floor
    Rebel Heart
    True Blue
    Bedtime Stories

    All at the very least great. Like... point me to the other artist in the game with ten great albums under her belt please.
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