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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Hello I’d like to interrupt the ranking talk to appreciate the first demo of Bitch I’m Madonna

    The way it all feels even more like a funhouse fever dream than the final version, the guitar that reminds me of Blister in the Sun of all things, the “take my top off” lyric, “tastes like holy water”, the fucking ending with her cackling like a demonic witch over balloon sounds...ugh her mind
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  2. Don’t forget that the ignore list is a function you can use, guys. Makes this thread so much easier for me.
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  3. My music consumption was at its peak in the early 10s so MDNA and Girl Gone Wild are embarrassingly my most played Madonna album and single respectively. Yikes!
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  4. Give Me All Your Luvin is still somehow in my top 5 most played songs on iTunes, I must have really milked that track back then.
  5. I think this is a fascinating period of Madonnas career. As a lifelong fan I’m just not used to seeing her operate outside of the zeitgeist. She has always been omnipresent when it comes to musical clout. There’s just no denying that we are in new territory with her career. Not only commercially but in wider influence, fashion and just general interest. I think we’re entering a period of respect but largely indifference. She’s just sort of there now, not raising as much of an eyebrow or a pulse.

    She still has plenty to say and plenty to offer and do...I’m just not sure if anyone is listening anymore. It’s a very strange feeling. Madame X has been an outstanding era in terms of production and consideration of material. It ticks many boxes projects of previous years have missed...and yet somehow it also feels rather cold and hollow in places. I’ve always felt her proximity but I feel much farther from her in recent years despite being just as invested in her.
    I suppose all of this is largely to do with the natural cycle of a stars journey.
    I would love a candid documentary again where we see her day to day. I’d be interested to see who she is these days away from the speeches, sound bites and snappy insta vids. Beyond the curation. If she’s interested in us seeing that now.
  6. Same. I really hammered MDNA when it came out and now it's way overrepresented in my stats compared to how I actually rate it. Rebel Heart has overtaken it now as most played, if only because it has so many songs.
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  7. I think it's interesting to see and hear people's opinions on her discography. It's rare you'll find anyone who agrees with your own preferences. There's albums I think are weak that others adore and albums I love that some think are only 'okay'. But I think it makes an artist's discography much more interesting and often creates interesting conversations. I like understanding why people enjoy certain songs or certain albums more than I do. Sometimes it even makes me go back and revisit songs or albums in case my opinion changes or I hear something different etc.

    Similarly, I have no issue with those reaction videos because they do the same - interest me in the album again and make me want to go back and re-listen. I do find it intriguing - watching someone listen to a Madonna album for the first time (don't we all have albums in her discography we wish we could go back and listen to for the very first experience?), especially as she isn't a Madonna fan and occasionally [not always] she says things that make me hear a song or see an album in a different light [that perhaps I didn't before as I am a fan, if that makes sense?]
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  8. Material Girl and the title track are probably my least favourite things on there - the rest completely knocks.
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  9. Not if you grew up with it, it isn’t. If you heard it for the first time 10 years ago I can see how the zeitgeist might have passed you by, but Like A Virgin and True Blue remain flawless. They’re pure sonic joy.
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  10. Like A Virgin feels like going in the cupboard under the stairs. Stashed things of value that you don’t use anymore, some broken stuff you intend to fix but should probably be thrown away and some stuff you bought but never used ... there’s something dusty and unorganised about it. There’s a real emptiness about that album despite having some pop bangers on there.
    The era was incredible but because of the lack of Crazy For You , Gambler and Into The Groove, and in some ways for UK peeps of that age the other first album singles that were released around that time too, the album feels a bit abandoned and messy. When it was followed by the most immaculate album project, video and singles run of her career True Blue. Virgin feels more like a cheeky finger than a full blown sesh.
    Virgin will always be about the era and the tour. The album itself strangely feels like the most limp me at least.
  11. You should album reviews for The Sun or Daily Mail.
  12. Shade
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  13. I’ve been using the instrumentals for Erotica and Bedtime Stories along with the rain-sounds app I normally use to help me fall asleep lately. A+ 11/10 absolutely recommend
  14. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    I mean, it is for me.

    It was my first Madonna album in 1985, but I came to the conclusion (sometime in the '90s?) that outside of Dress You Up and Stay it's not much good.

    (True Blue's obviously great though).
  15. Like A Virgin is my least favorite album by M but saying it’s not good is, well, a choice.
  16. I always think of Into the Groove and Crazy for You as being part of Virgin, even though they aren't. But on the actual album I do like Material Girl, Angel, Like A Virgin, Dress You Up, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, and Stay. 6 songs out of 9 ain't bad.
  17. Well, Into The Groove is part of it in a way (at least in Europe before the remaster was released).
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  18. It’d probably benefit from a deluxe version more than most of her albums for that reason. Add those three and a couple of the unreleased demos
    Warning Signs + Desperately Seeking Susan
    The unreleased Like A Virgin remix by Jellybean.
    A newly constructed video for Angel to the unreleased Stephen Bray produced version with footage from some (hopefully) archived videos shoot from the black sand photo shoot.
    A DVD of the FULL tour and Live Aid and you’ve got a great little “era” correctly repackaged.
    Gambler (Stephen Bray version)
    Crazy For You (Jellybean version)

    Better than a bloody clear vinyl eh
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  19. Like a Virgin is better than the debut.
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  20. Crack.
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