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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I just don't really enjoy the debut outside of the singles. Like a Virgin is like a shot of girly energy and surpasses the debut, albeit with the inclusion of Gambler, Into the Groove, and Crazy for You.
  2. Her debut is amazing and even though Like A Virgin was rushed out straight after it still has those massive singles going for it.
    I can definitely see a nice progression from the debut to Like A Virgin to the masterpiece that is True Blue.
  3. My first couple of years of Madonna fandom are a bit jumbled. True Blue was the first album I bought with my own money but Like A Virgin must have been the first Madonna album I owned, via a (copied) cassette my auntie gave me for Christmas (sorry Madonna).

    I love Like A Virgin/Desperately Seeking Susan era Madonna. The album, the videos, the Geffen singles, the Virgin Tour, the Wannabees.

    Stay and Angel are my favourite tracks, and Material Girl and Like A Virgin are my least favourite, but I still love every second of Like A Virgin... Even Shoo-Be-Doo! It’s probably not an accident that the day childhood me decided there was no god I had a massive Virgin Tour poster above my bed (I’m mortified that my psychology is so mundane!).

    And True Blue makes my heart grow three sizes. There are no words...
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  4. Shoo Be Doo is really wonderful.
  5. The Debut is more essentially MADONNA in ways RJF and many others over the years have written about, but I almost never put it on. I far prefer Like A Virgin as a listen, and never really understood where the weak tracks were meant to be be. I don't adore the album cuts but they're full of life and fun and the whole package is fabulous. True Blue basically ran with it and made it better entirely (and is the best of that early 'scrappy' Madonna era), but LAV being treated like some unwanted step-child is a bit extreme. It comfortably sits in her canon for me.

    Prayer/Erotica/Bedtime/ROL/American/Confessions = Perfect

    Madame X
    I'm Breathless
    Hard Candy = All good to great at times, if not perfect

    MDNA = Actively Poor with flashes of decency

    There we go.
  6. I don’t know if it’s a UK fan thing because of the roll out but the two albums are practically inseparable really. Together they beautifully set out the Madonna agenda for the future.

    Most of her later stuff can hark back to the essence of those two records.
    Cool dancefloor synth bopps with a call to arms.
    Self empowerment .
    Unity anthems.
    Sex driven mood pieces.
    Female assertion.
    Attainment vs love.
    Unapologetic ambition and drive.
    Fantasy costume pop.
    Double entendres with a nod and a wink.
    The big ballad that she’s continued to knock out of the park since.
    Religious and sexual symbiosis.
    Upbeat pop with positive mantras.

    Even the cover of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore feels like the first glimpse into her childhood traumas and themes she would continue to explore in later works.

    It’s all there.
  7. It's dire.
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  8. Like Material Girl? Queen of Reaganomics

    It took me a long time to realize this was a typo dd
  9. I used to think Madonna would make a great president. Lol.
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  10. I don't think we've ever disagreed before! The intro gives me goosebumps.
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  11. Last point.
    I also think the production is far superior on Madonna. It's club oriented and sounds way more alive. There's something muted about Like A Virgin. The bass doesn't have quite as much kick on any of the songs as Lucky Star, Burning Up, Everybody, Holiday, Physcial Attraction. There's a tinny quality. The drums also sound real on a lot of the Virgin songs too. I don't know if that was Nile trying to give it more of a Motown / 70's Disco vibe. Borderline would have been more at home on Like A Virgin (apart from the good solid bass) and Into The Groove on the debut.

    I also think the basslines sit lower on the debut tracks or theyre double octaved down maybe with polysynth bass because they have much more weight that the slightly more bouncy less grounded betty boop esque basslines on Virgin.
    Just open Spotify and play Pretender or Stay or Like A Virgin (the album version) followed by Physical Attraction or Burning Up. The Virgin tracks sound like a potato.
    Essentially you FEEL the songs more on the debut. The groove is deeper. If the original songs were recorded slower or lower and were pitched up as per her voice that might explain this
    The versions defo come to life more on The Immaculate and You Can Dance.
    In short Like A Virgin is crying out for a good remaster and maybe even a re-mix.
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  12. Kate Bush. :)
  13. That's... a different game.
  14. aux



    1. Robyn Is Here Show Me Love - Single
    2. My Truth
    3. Don't Stop The Music
    4. Robyn
    5. Body Talk Pt. 1
    6. Body Talk Pt. 2
    7. Body Talk Pt. 3 / Body Talk
    8. Do It Again
    9. Love Is Free
    10. Honey

    And yes, this is promo for the Robyn rate. Thank you. [​IMG]
  15. Also if you play this video at 1.5 times it's normal speed you'll discover that Madonna is in fact a total cyborg and all her songs are actually sped up versions of George Michael.
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  16. I only like the singles from the debut, and of the big three only Lucky Star doesn't seem tired. The rest of the debut is practically unlistenable to me, and very samey and overlong in general.

    Meanwhile, the only song on Like A Virgin I don't like is Love Don't Live Here Anymore. Plus it contains my joint-favourite 80s Madonna single in Angel.

    True Blue is, of course, flawless. My favourite Madonna album.
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  17. She started listening albums without knowing anything about Madonna. Can we appreciate the fact that she's giving her music a chance and great promo to her catalog (better than Madonna herself) other than attacking her for not being full blown stan 24/7 already!!!!
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  18. Current album ranking

    1. Ray of Light
    2. Confessions on a dance floor
    3. Erotica
    4. Music
    5. Bedtime Stories
    6. American Life
    7. Madonna
    8. Hard Candy
    9. Rebel Heart
    10. Like a Virgin
    11. True Blue (Jimmy Jimmy alone drags the album below LAV)
    12. Like a Prayer
    13. Madame X
    14. MDNA
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  19. I-

    Seek help and repent.
  20. Bless yourself and genuflect.
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