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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I always thought LAV and TB were not properly mastered like debut. They sound like their volume was up and that was it. Very 'plastic' or 2D, however you wanna put it. While Madonna was properly mastered and sounds great on headphones and that's why it still sounds fresh.
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  2. "Like a Prayer" is undoubtedly the album most in need of a remaster. It's just so... muddled.
  3. Yeah even if you listen to the special edition remaster on Spotify. Play the bonus extended dance remix of the song Like A Virgin next to the album version and you'll see what it should sound like. The Dance Remixes of both it and Material Girl are of far superior sound quality. Way less tinny with more low end and clarity. Much closer to the sound of the debut stuff. The bass is warm and the kick knocks. Probably something to do with the fact that Jellybean remixed them and he'd worked on the debut. Produced holiday but also took over the reigns and re-mixed Lucky Star, Burning Up, Physical Attraction, all of which have that super syrupy warm sound.
  4. I agree but I don't think it impairs the listen as much as Like A Virgin because it's still richer, has more dynamics and the mood of the record is different. Virgin is meant to slap and doesn't hold up as well sonically. But yes both need some love. The debut and True Blue are perfect though.
  5. Coming from the person who has previously said Madonna hasn’t been active this decade. I’m not attacking her.
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  6. I’m still struggling with where I’d personally place Madame X in my overall Madonna album ranking. I’d definitely put it high, but it still feels so new (and to be fair it’s only been four months since it was released). My ranking of her whole catalog outside of four or so albums changes constantly anyway.
  7. Saying in 2018 that Madonna hasn't been THAT active this decade was hardly not true. Reading is essential.

    But after hearing MX I do wish she was inactive.
  8. Someones lost mouse control girls
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  9. You could've also quoted this if you weren't biased

    And of course personal attacks and insults because of this opinion.

    Unfortunately no, I didn't enjoy anything this era. And I staned for everything during RH era.

    There is something so off putting this era, starting with music. To her attitude and how was everything handled to the point where she is currently at her lowest low in every possible way.

    I disagree about her being active and involved. Unless you mean time spent in the studio which obviously worked against it since she overcooked album and her best albums were done in short period of time.

    Nothing felt organic, everything is forced and done only for narrative of the era (Madame X nickname, being 'influenced' by Portugal and Fado music etc.). Everything was so off putting this era for me. My English is not very good to describe how I feel about it. And this is coming from someone who was on this forum called 'blind stan' during RH era.

    Crave is the only decent thing that came out of it, and I still wouldn't put it in her top 60 or something...

    On first listen I was surprised by Mirwais tracks and liked them, but after listening album few more times I didn't feel connection to anything, music, lyrics, her voice... I don't feel any need to listen to them outside of the album, and I am still forcing myself to listen to the album at least once a week. Even MDNA felt more like a Madonna album when it was released than this.

    Crazy-Come Alive-EO has to be the most exhausting 1-2-3 punch to listen to, like ever. My English is not god enough to describe how I feel about the album or era overall, but I don't even hate it like I hate MDNA, this is actually worse because I can't describe feeling.

    P.S. Mastering is terrible. Half of the album is unlistenable on headphones (Medellin, Crazy, Mercy, Back that up to the beat, Future, Batuka, Extreme Occident, I Don't Search).

    Well, I wasn't planing to write a rant about the album, especially knowing that most people here can't handle reading negative opinion and respect it unless they know you, and will once again insult me, but you asked...
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  10. Funny how I disliked Crave when it was released. Now it is one of my favorite songs on the album. I wished there were more songs like it.
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  11. Why are you doing this? Just... move on with your life.
  12. Who mastered Madame X, apparently it's not the same as her last few albums?
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Because it will be a while before we get new music... I am still giving it a chance.
  15. Forcing yourself to listen to it isn't giving it a fair chance. Why not give it a break for a bit? Go back and listen to it in six months, then see how you feel. Or just accept that this album is not for you, and go back to listening to Rebel Heart. Madame X is an acquired taste, it's not gonna be for everyone.
  16. Because once I stop listening to it I know I won't ever come back to it or any track from it, like it happened with MDNA.

    And we're here for a very long break, I wanna at least listen to it for a year.
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  17. I deleted what I wrote initially because I almost felt like I was being pedantic but this?
    Is factually not correct. Here’s what I quoted:
    And here’s the full post for clarity:
    Not a whole lot to take out of context there - and as people said last time, between the now three albums and ten singles (if we’re including promotional songs) mentioned, film work, the Super Bowl, and yes, the fragrances and gyms, I would call that fairly active in most fields you can inhabit as a pop star.

    As to your statement about me being “biased” and ignoring “personal attacks on your opinion”...firstly, I’m not and it’s not that serious, and secondly, the response to your posts is, from what I’ve seen, rooted in how you tend to word said “opinions” as definitive facts and then double down or escalate when you’re challenged on them - and certainly nobody is going to fault you for English not being your first language, but the tone of things is also important. Your response to someone not liking Maroon 5 was...calling them a loser. Literally how is that not a personal attack?
    Madame X is hardly any different from or more “forced” than Erotica, where she was nicknamed Dita Parlo and was influenced by house music and R&B, or really any of the personas she’s inhabited throughout her career. She’s been a curator of her own influences for all of her albums.
    The biggest issue with the last two albums was a lack of time, attention and care - she checked out of MDNA about...a week into recording it by all accounts, and 99% of the Rebel Heart sessions were on the Internet by Christmas of 2014, two months before the lead was supposed to be out and four before the album. She expressed multiple times during the promotional campaign for the latter album that she was annoyed and hurt by it, and seeing as how we had no leaks whatsoever this time around to the point where the Madame X trailer dropping was a legitimate surprise for most of us, she obviously noticed and tried to course correct as much as possible - and I would argue she mostly succeeded. The complaints about her voice are just repetitive at this point - her range is diminished but how she’s singing now isn’t far off from the way she’s been singing since as far back as Confessions, and it is what it is. She’s had bad days (like Eurovision) but that happens. By the clips I’ve seen of the tour (admittedly not that much), she sounds perfectly fine to me given the natural toll age and wear takes on one’s voice. I also completely disagree about the mastering, for the most part - Dark Ballet sounds a bit compressed but not to the level of the title track of the last album or even Voices. Funana I could also see an argument for, but I have yet to hear a lossless version so I can’t say definitively.

    I’ve seen similar doom mongering sentiments about how this era has been going from other fans since Medellín came out, and I just...really don’t buy it. There have been bumps in the road but contrary to what you may think, a lot of us can and have discussed them civilly.

    This post feels overlong
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  18. Oh wow this is pathetic, I won't even bother reading the rest because I see your agenda here. How dare you being such a liar? I am calling out people here who are INSULTING everyone who even dares to say that they don't hate some acts here like Bebe Rexha, Maroon 5 or Charli Puth. If I have called someone a loser it was an answer to probably something insulting since we all know how people here are treated if they post something positive in those threads.

    Not to mention how many posts you ignored of personal attacks towards me for saying that she is not active while searching for my post. Are personal insults justified because she is not active in my opinion? Oh and no need to bring era that started after my post, it has no place in that discussion since it didn't EXIST when my point was made.

    Funny how you have nerves to even bring that out but I don't see you sticking up for me when I am insulted for saying that Puth has few nice songs (and that his album was good) or that I love Songs About Jane or that I don't understand why is Bebe Rexha punching bag here.

    But according to you I am out here fighting with myself, because in your eyes there are no post before and after me.

    How selective...
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  19. Well. Okay then!
  20. The thread made way more sense once I hit 'show ignored' nn
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