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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. 'Frozen' on the National Lottery was my first glimpse of the Madonna I'd end up becoming obsessed with, before then I had only known 'La Isla Bonita', the Who's The Girl soundtrack and my sister's 'Human Nature' CD single.
  2. Same, I'll never forget that performance, my mind was blown.
  3. This was my first every Madonna single I was aware of as was 7 back in 1998, and it was the first proper year I took an real interest in music alongside the likes of Spice Girls and Eternal. Frozen, will always be special to me because of this alone. Fantastic song all round.
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  4. This was more a comeback of Madonna as a 'pop star'. With a muted reaction to Bedtime Stories, a retrospective with Something To Remember and soundtrack music for Evita, it felt like we were getting the first new proper Madonna song in years.
  5. And of course, Frozen was her first UK #1 in 8 years too! Which seems madness for Madonna's 90s years somehow.
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  6. I was 10 and remember watching The Big Breakfast and they were reacting to the new Madonna single and showed some of the video - I refused to believe it was the same woman!
  7. I saw Cher in Leeds last night - it’s not something I would have gone to if my longest serving friend hadn’t roped me into it but it was like a religious experience. There was even a mention of looking like the Madonna (“Not the blonde one!”)

    I noticed looking through the credits in the program that Cher’s publicity is handled by PR sorceress Liz Rosenberg and the program was designed by Jeri Heiden. I won’t lie, I felt a pang of loss.
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  8. I was there too and it really was like a religious experience, I agree. I imagine seeing Madonna in February will be very much the same.
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  9. In 1989 Like A Prayer was touted as a comeback...
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  10. That made me want to just blare White Heat and dance around my bedroom.
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  11. White Heat, whew a song!
  12. Jimmy Jimmy over Live To Tell.

    Make it make sense.
    Two more rounds until the evil is defeated.
  13. I prefer Jimmy Jimmy to Live To Tell.
  14. Enough
  15. Never.
  16. The most interesting thing about these reaction videos is that she knows so little about the artist that the naïveté of her interpretations gives a glimpse/reminder of how the average non-fan must have experienced the albums when they were originally released. To not understand the social context of Live To Tell, or not know the film from which it came, to be oblivious to the “controversy” of Papa Don’t Preach and to discover the lyrics independent of the zeitgeist, to hear Minaj in Madonna’s camp and vamp, and Gaga influences in Oh Father, to not know who True Blue and Til Death Do Us Part were written about, to be oblivious to Prince’s parts on Like A Prayer (the album and single). I want to be mad at her, but then I find it cute that she has the enthusiasm to educate herself. Shame she just refers to anything older than her lifespan as “back in the day”. She should really be able to tell a Motown influence or a Sly & The Family Stone and Staples Singers reference apart.
  17. She has the attention span of a five year old.
    song runs over 3:12..."damn this was a long song"
    but yeah I mostly watch them from a "locals" point of view.
    She seems like a lovely lass all the same.
  18. Her insights are about as deep as a puddle. She spent the entirety of Papa Dont Preach wondering if it's about a baby or a baby baby. Her conclusion at the end of Open Your Heart was that it was "creepy". Her approach to these era defining classics offends me. Like, I literally get upset that someone could be so ignorant and superficial.
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  19. I will continue to not fuck with her videos. They pretty much epitomize why YouTube reaction videos. with a couple exceptions, generally suck.
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