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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. People bought the album sis.
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  2. It was steadily climbing the Top 15 and a week after it reached #11, Billboard methodology changed to allow airplay-only singles to appear in the chart, thus paving the way for an influx of new entries and resulting in 'The Power Of Good-Bye' sliding from 11 to 30.
  3. Yes, it didn't do doo shabby overall The Power Of Goodbye I suppose. And yes, Ray Of Light as an album was still doing the goodies by then too.
  4. Nothing Really Matters although the 4th single really deserved better chart success...such a great single and video/look...included a Bazaar cover and Grammy performance.
  5. Yes, the total popjustice of that song, was an outrage! At least the UK as per with Madonna singles at the time took it to the top 10 at least which was something.
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  6. I always find Nothing Really Matters quite monotonous and unexciting. The Power of Goodbye is glorious though.
  7. 21 years later, Nothing Really Matters is still giving me life.
  8. It's just magical.
  9. Great piece on Joe Henry—who is recovering from prostate cancer—in the NY Times today, with a bit on Don't Tell Me:

    "There were lyrics in that song that I was sure would go by the wayside because they were too obtuse for a pop song,” he said. When he saw her perform it in an arena, he was amazed when “At one point they stopped playing and were singing a cappella, and 25,000 people were singing the song.” Henry realized it wasn’t that his lyrics were obtuse, but “that my delivery system doesn’t vibrate at this frequency. But she knew how.” As performer, songwriter or producer, Henry said, the goal is the same: “To make something meaningful come out of a pair of speakers.”
  10. Madonna and Joe made magic four times with their songs. I think Don't Tell Me, Jump, Devil and Falling Free all have great lyrics and definitely pull from the same kind of writing style.
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  11. And the U.K. CD single only had 3 tracks - one of which was Little Star. You had to buy the Japanese and German imports for the remixes.

    Fabian’s Good God Mix is one of my favourite Madonna remixes and I adore the artwork.
  12. I still think "Jump" is overrated as hell.
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  13. It's my favourite Confessions single.
  14. Jump is good (and got us the iconic sync deal with The Devil Wears Prada!). The video was kind of a letdown but I lowkey loved her Death Note wig.

    Honestly I think all the right songs were chosen as singles from Confessions.
  15. Jump isn’t overrated - it’s underrated. In general anyway.

    Which is wrong. It and Get Together are the best songs released as singles from Confessions and those two scream Madonna more than Hung Up and Sorry (both of which are basically 10s in their own way too). Jump is just so fucking inspirational. It’s a flawless single run but this track is far more important to like... the story of “her” if that makes sense. It’s the “actually, fuck that!” and deserved finger-flip to Keep It Together and that songs BS message. She can make it alone.
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  16. I didn’t know he was ill. I wonder if that’s why he hasn’t worked with his sister-in-law for a while?
    Wishing Joe a quick recovery and hopefully more inspired collaborations.
  17. Jump

    Hung Up

    Get Together
  18. They supposedly did some stuff for Madame X
  19. They're also not really in the same wheelhouse hence their work together being so sparse. Joe is incredibly prolific and stays bookedt and busy. Rhiannon Giddens just received a Grammy nod for Best Americana Roots Performance for a song from album he produced.
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