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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. It is insane that 'Vogue' was originally considered to be a B-Side. In an alternate universe 'Keep It Together' was the A-Side!
  2. Good it was not.
  3. Yeah... but I do love 'Keep It Together' especially the single mix.
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  4. Vogue is so good and so ingrained into our culture that I never need to listen to it again.
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  5. This gets me every time

  6. I find the Bedtime Stories version to be a good but kinda faceless sounding song.
  7. I love this Dad. The first 1 1/2 minutes are priceless. Especially after the 1 minute mark...

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  8. I'm still annoyed a lot of her remixes aren't available to stream in the US.
    Especially the "What It Feels Like for a Girl" remixes.
  9. Where can I buy Confessions unmixed version WAVs/hq MP3s?
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  10. I'd need the 'Dislike' buttom for this. Get Together might be my fav Madge song ever, its THAT good. Totally underapreciatted. The confessions singles run was flawless and all the songs are are amazing but Get Together is just perfect to me. It paints a beautiful soundscape that I never want to get out.
  11. "...don't try to run
    I can keep up with you
    nothing can stop me from trying
    you've got to..."

    - if that is not one of (if not the) best pre-chorus of any song, then I'll be damned.
  12. Soz. I find it really monotonous and boring.
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  13. Hung Up is actually my least favourite of the those 4 fantastic Confessions singles....
  14. I remember the Friday night the Hung Up video premiered. It had leaked online that day but I held off watching, and VH1 in the UK played it on loop for a whole hour. Iconic times, a MOMENT.
  15. My god I remember this so clearly!
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  16. I remember seeing the Motorola commercials. This was everything:

    I really can't think of a lead pop single that had the immediacy of Hung Up (for me). You can anticipate a song and hype it to death and often end up feeling a teeny bit deflated when it doesn't hit the standard you've already set in your head. But Hung Up just shot into the stratosphere from the moment it appeared.
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  17. When I think that next year is 15 years since the Confessions era, I have to double check myself. Time flies.
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  18. Thank you!
  19. (MDNA-)Madonna will return to the James Bond franchise! She appears in the short teaser trailer for 'No Time To Die'.

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