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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Not sure if you're trolling because of the shot's similarity to the album cover, but that's not her
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  2. Obviously, it's a flopjoke.

  3. I’m getting “12 deadly Cyns” era Cyndi
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  4. Confessions is the best era of pop music I've ever experienced in my 32 years, flawless from start to finish.
  5. Dare I say it, her last real big iconic era too.
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  6. I agree, it's the last time she managed to satisfy the majority of her core fan base and the general public at the same time. Rebel Heart and Madame X hit the right spots for many fans, but the general public have all taken a pretty big pass, which is shame seeing as Madame X is a great body of work.

    I'm okay with Confessions being her last iconic era, the woman has had so many iconic eras when most artists (especially the current crop of 'in' artists) struggle to have even one.
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  7. Exactly, when one has so many huge iconic eras like Madonna does, it's easy to look at it like that in that respect.
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  8. The radio shun effect.
  9. While Confessions had a considerable amount of buzz here, Hard Candy was ultimately the bigger era in the US in terms of her presence, but I guess that makes sense considering she was coming off of Confessions, the style of music, and promo was generally more focused on us anyway vs how Confessions was focused on her International audience.

    I’ll never forget Ugly Betty using songs from Hard Candy as the soundtrack for an entire episode. Of course “Candy Shop” got its own ~moment

  10. Oh yes, Ugly Betty certainly liked that album. Plus the use of Jump too.
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  11. I vividly remember “Seeeenñoriiitaaaa i just wanna fall in laaaav” playing at Betty’s house
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  12. I'm one of those fans who consider Hard Candy part of her imperial phase... Ofc I am aware of its quality, but it's bop after bop, it's also nostalgic to me, I enjoy it a lot.

    For me only MDNA and Madame X are irredeemable. For different reasons: MDNA for being the most basic and lifeless dance music of all time, with plenty of simply bad songs and bad vocals, and MX is just unpleasant listen, badly produced and mixed, Crave is only song that I would say is good. It's try-hard and she simply failed at it. There is no good melody, no feelings about anything, just cold and forced. Might be even worse than MDNA for me, because for MDNA there are reasonable excuses why it ended up being what it is.
  13. Wasn't it predicted to peak at #7 and that week Billboard allowed radio singles to chart too so it ended up at #11...?
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  14. Oh my god, same here. I remember seeing video one day on MTV, 2 days later it was already the biggest hit in the country and everyone from 7 to 77 was loving it.
  15. Sorry Xtina but this sound horrible

  16. Thank you for dropping in, Mr. Juzwiak.
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  17. Some users would benefit from quoting multiple posts in one, rather than posting 3
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  18. Usually I can understand opinions I disagree with, but everytime you critique Madame X, I have no clue what you're even talking about. I guess I can understand how someone might find it forced (though I don't agree), but the rest of that makes me go, "Wut?"
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  19. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    MDNA's mission statement was literally "I need to move. I need to sweat. I need to make new music! Music I can dance to." I would say she accomplished that.. The quality of the album is certainly debatable, and jumping onto the past-peak EDM genre was questionable, but to say it and Madame X are irredeemable is such a stretch. Issues aside, 'Love Spent', 'I'm Addicted', 'Gang Bang', 'Falling Free' and 'I Fucked Up' are a batch of fantastic songs and there are so nice little bops dispersed with them. The dramatics surrounding that inoffensive at worst* album here are astounding.

    What I really want to know about that era is what was going on in her head. She was two years removed from Guy by the time she started recording, finished W.E., was done touring. She didn't have much in terms of distractions bar the usual. I wonder what caused the less meticulous work that was ultimately produced. I've always assumed it was to have an album ready by the Super Bowl and little else thought was put into it.

    One day she needs to do a sit down like Mariah did and have a 2 hour chat about her music.

    *Ignoring Girl Gone Wild, her career worst single oops
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  20. W.E. wasn’t finished by the time she started working on the album. Filming yes, but she basically worked on the album and edited the film at the same time. Also she was “working” on the perfume (that what Orbit said at least).
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