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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. God, that Billboard speech shatters me. She starts it off making jokes about the mic stand and by the end you can feel the strength and vulnerability in her eyes
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  2. aux


    @2014 @Solenciennes @anymod please just ban that user from this thread. Every single time they appear in this thread, they turn confrontational on everyone who dares to reply to them. If I'm not mistaken, they have been banned from other Madonna threads for this exact reason. It's unnecessary, and it's bringing zero interesting (or new) discussions to the table.
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  3. Also, I think I've read Madonna say a few times that she likes leàving the interpretation of a song up to the listener and sometimes disclosing the inspiration behind a particular song takes the magic away.
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  4. Madonna is rarely sentimental about her music, she is sentimental about the people around her life though.
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  5. She clearly has a lot to tell us. I mean I did ask her about which single she wanted to release and we got Falling Free which surprised us all she wanted it as a single.
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  6. Just rewatched her Billboard Women 2016 speech. Fuck. My queen.
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  7. She pretty much spoke about most of her singles back catalogue on that Madonna Sirius radio channel earlier this year. An instagram page called the Tag Police ripped every song introduction and it really was quite interesting to hear her talk about her back catalogue. Except a couple of songs where she really didn’t have much to say. But definitely worth checking out if you haven’t.

  8. I'm hungover at work so I'm watching Madonna videos, and has anyone ever been so powerful?
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  9. Punkdonna was a look.

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  10. Listening to the Blond Ambition Tour audio, I realised she's never performed 'Oh Father' in full, ever.

    That makes me sad.
  11. The religious section of Blond Ambition is the finest segment of any of her tours ever.

    ...the final section of Confessions is a very close second.
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  12. Not while the mid section of The Girlie Show exists.
    Express-Deeper-Why Is It So Hard - In This Life is peak Madonna for my pesos.
  13. That 1-2-3 of Erotica, Fever & Vogue from Girlie Show is my fave Madonna section ever!!!
    I reckon that Fever performance turned on my gay switch very early on :p
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  14. The Asian dancers body always gave me big feels.
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  15. He was actually a martial artist. Wasn't his body just perfect.
  16. The Girlie Show arrangement of Rain with all those whooshing cymbals and the extended ending/interpolations of like 50 different songs...Wiggington McPhee
  17. He gave me fever
  18. Fever from The Girlie Show is peak gayness. I just remembered I found The Girlie Show on DVD last year and I’ve yet to play it, gonna make that a priority this weekend.

  19. "So now what? Justify my love."

    Someone find me the best quality version of this that exists online, please?
  20. Is there a full audio recording of the Reinvention Tour? I'm aware Google works, but I couldn't find one
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