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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Everyone has posted a lot of my favorites already, but -

    The Steve Callaghan mix of Rescue Me is unofficial but it’s really well done, especially since we don’t have the multitrack
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  2. More.mp3 (curse this five-embed limit)

    (This got mislabeled as a Stuart Price mix for years on file sharing sites, and his influence is definitely there)

    (Dubtronic is one of the best fan remixers, and he’s got a lot of good ones but this is lovely)

    (Probably my favorite fan made remix ever. The changes to the melody and vocal production are just...*chef’s kiss*)

    And some more official mixes

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  3. OH! (I’ll stop after this I promise nn)

    Also worth looking into (apols if there are any repeats in this list)
    Vogue (12” Mix)
    Open Your Heart (12” Mix)
    Justify My Love (The English Mix)
    Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Radio Mix)
    Frozen (Widescreen Mix)
    Drowned World (BT & Sasha’s Bucklodge Ashram Mix)
    Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (MARK!’s Full On Vocal)
    Human Nature (Dens54 Live From Piennes Remix)
    Frozen (Melting Ice Mix)
    Literally the entire Bedtime Story single
    Secret (Junior’s Luscious Club Mix)
    Up Down Suite
    Erotica (Kenlou B-Boy Mix)
    Deeper and Deeper (David’s Klub Mix)

    There’s plenty more where this came from too, I’ve been collecting and curating Madonna remixes for about as long as I’ve been a stan dd
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  4. They really need to chuck all these onto Spotify.
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  5. There’s a Doc on the BBC iPlayer called ‘There’s Only One Madonna’ which was made 20 years ago and I’m absolutely disgusted by it.

    They’ve spent the first 20 minutes effectively talking about how she was so ‘chubby’ and ‘slutty’, with barely any mention of her music. It’s baffling to think the BBC produced something like this in 2001
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  6. this is one of the best reviews of into the groove I’ve ever read

    Madonna enters this story already a superstar – eight-figure sales of her last album, this her third top-three hit of the year in Britain. “Into The Groove” is no kind of introduction, more a victory parade, and it’s become one of her calling-card singles. Perhaps because it’s a manifesto of sorts: not lyrically, but in the way that everything great about Madonna and her pop – movement, power, willpower, sex, hunger, vulnerability – is in here somewhere.

    Actually, most of it’s in one place – the series of repeated “now I know you’re mine”s that serve as the bridge into the final chorus. At first she sings the line at the lower end of her range, with the husky strength that’s made her ballads so compelling, beckoning her dancer-lover closer. And then suddenly she can’t keep it in any more, and “now I know you’re mine!” rings out in her other voice, the sparky, raw, New York clubland hustler voice you get on “Burning Up”, “Holiday”, “Angel”. It’s pure triumph: the moment when a girl singing “you’re mine” to a guy in pop finally, irreversibly flips from domestication to predation.

    But most of “Into The Groove” isn’t like that: unlike several of her previous singles which really were all about her and her teasing and shocking and winning the crowd, this is highly functional. A little bit freestyle, a little bit pop, it’s a good, modish dance record. You could imagine this as being by one of the post-disco club scene’s many two- or three-single acts, a Carol Jiani or a Stacey Q but with thinner vocals. Well, you could if Madonna’s presence wasn’t so unmistakable: anonymity’s the only flirtation she could never have pulled off.

    Madonna is one of pop’s foundational figures – perhaps the last of them: one of the people without whom modern music just doesn’t decode properly. She’s the closest thing to an Elvis in my lifetime – someone who emerged out of populist, underappreciated musics and whose sheer charisma changed the culture – how pop singers (and their fans) dressed, danced, behaved, thought about themselves. That doesn’t mean all her records are good – though a remarkable number are, this included. “Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free”: this is the dancing queen all grown up, and determined to hold the spotlight on her own terms.

    Rest of the Number One list is a fun read
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  7. I'll stick with Ray of Light to keep things simple. These are three that I love from that era.

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  8. I love this, Into the groove is top 5 Madge for sure, this track's energy never fails to put me in a good mood. What an essential and iconic single it is.
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  9. I agree, Into The Groove is perfect.
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  10. I’ve said it before but I think it is THE pop song of all time.
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  11. Into the Groove always makes me think of the iconic Desperately Seeking Susan

  12. What an icon.
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  13. Perfection.
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  14. Do any of you think of a certain tour and want to completely change the set list?
  15. I'd say Drowned World, although I was too young to attend, I do have the DVD and I don't go back to it very often. I remember being excited when she announced the Drowned World Tour, it was a long time since she had toured, I really think it could have benefitted with having a few more classics, teasing Open Your Heart like that and not performing it was just... trolling.
  16. Yeah, Rebel Heart.
  17. I go back to Drowned World probably the most, I'm glad she stuck to her guns!

    On the whole I think most her setlist are pretty perfect (for me, not so much for casuals), only issues I've had is her not performing singles like Bad Girl, Hollywood, Love Profusion, Ghosttown, Crave etc.
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  18. Same. I have such a soft spot for those two particular albums. That they comprise like 60% of the show's set list only makes it more appealing. Her s**t a** mood throughout the tour really fits its whole confrontational dark witchy art vibe too.

    I'd be most inclined to alter the MDNA Tour. I always have a hard time "distilling its essence" if that makes sense. Plus that Celebration remix as a closer, woof.
  19. I kinda don't understand stans who complain about her setlists as they're almost always put together to serve the narrative. A classic here and there would be great but changing entire sections would leave her artistic vision in tatters. Papa Don't Preach in its entirety and the original Hung Up >>>> what we got at MDNA but they were clearly reinterpretations. She's singing to God in Papa Don't Preach while Hung Up becomes this almost purgatory scenario, walking the tightrope between heaven and hell, waiting for God's call baby night and day
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  20. I think Drowned World is the only tour I'd change up a bit, but understandably because it was her first tour after almost a decade away (from live performance) she didn't want to do "the hits", it was about focusing on where her head was at, at that particular time. Hence why it was so Ray Of Light and Music heavy.
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