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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. It was some print interview that I randomly came across 2–3 years ago. I’m sure I could find it again if I looked hard enough, but she didn’t really elaborate beyond that anyway.
  2. I think they did have to mash them together - I remember reading that the Holy Water/Devil Pray setup was supposed to be a whole act with Deeper And Deeper included
  3. This is a real choice!

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  4. Yes, please do if you can! I'd love to read it in context.
  5. I don't think I'd change any of her shows, but I do have a word file of my stan dream setlists dddd.
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  6. Imagine going to the Who's That Girl tour eh?
    'He died because of bop after bop RIP'.
  7. It's hard to call it a controversy when no major retailer had it listed, nor did she announce it. Kii
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  8. Well it's still up on the Warner website with a catalog number.
  9. Drowned World was bold and focused.
    She had no interest in performing old hits - she just belted out the new hits.
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  10. Could the cancellations of orders possibly be due to it being announced early?
  11. I wouldn't be surprised we simply get a reissue of the vinyl itself only.
  12. I had allowed myself to imagine a Purple Rain-style reissue of the main album remastered, a disc of outtakes and demos, a disc of mixes and edits and a disc of the Blond Ambition tour so of course it would get cancelled.

    I wish we got nice things.
  13. The dramatics in that collector post wheee.
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  14. I do wonder now what she’ll do next and when music-wise. Madame X was such a surprise for me, she took risks and probably didn’t over think things. I hope she keeps doing this, at this stage I need her to continue throwing curveballs. For me the last time she did that was with Music (the single), it just sounded so different compared to anything else at the time, I wonder if she even thought she was taking a risk releasing it?

  15. yas
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  16. This, but Sanctuary into Bedtime Story
  17. There’s just something about Devil Pray that puts it up there with my favourite Madonna songs
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