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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

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  2. This, but Sanctuary into Bedtime Story
  3. There’s just something about Devil Pray that puts it up there with my favourite Madonna songs
  4. RainOnFire

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    The demented post-chorus breakdown that sounds like you're being plunged into the underworld

  5. I can't remember who it was but when it was released, someone on here said "Nice of Cher to do the breakdown." I CACKLED.
  6. I'm doing my history degree dissertation on the Aids epidemic, and it's honestly just bolstering my utter admiration and adoration for what M did from 1989 to 1994. In a time where government in both the USA and the UK swung to the right, and society largely turned its back on sexual liberalism, she really pushed two singles championing owning your sexual desires while at the same time promoting safer sex? All while addressing taboo subjects such as losing friends to Aids and cunnilingus. Honestly unbelievable, and groundbreaking on a level that is impossible for modern pop-stars.
  7. It was brave of Madonna for the time. But when you think about her gay friends in NY from the early days, some of whom were impacted by this, it also makes sense that she would.
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  8. I’m listening to Rebel Heart and honestly it’s still SO GOOD. I controversially (?) don’t really care for Living For Love’s limp drop and congested vocals but it’s ok. Everything else gives me some form of life - Joan Of Arc kinda just moved me all over again. Iconic should’ve opened the album and remains massive despite its “I have to fart and I can’t wait” issue. The ballads are fab, the bops are aplenty, with a mix of the more experimental (Bitch) and the standard (Hold Tight). And then there’s Body Shop! Illuminati! SEX?! The self-reflection of Veni Vidi Vici and Rebel Heart! Ugh it’s all so good.

    Absolutely a worthy entry in her catalogue and feels like the closing of a book. Madame X was an entirely new voyage, only possible once Rebel Heart had ‘finished’ the story of a 30+ year career up till that point.
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  9. Spam yes but, this is so 1985 Madonna!

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  10. I really enjoy Rebel Heart still, and I think, if it had been a few tracks shorter with better mixing, I would have preferred it to Madame X. It would have been really interesting to see how the double album concept she originally envisioned would have been carried out as well.
  11. Rebel Heart, really does have lots to enjoy I think.
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  12. I think the more honest and deeper songs such as “Ghosttown”, “Joan of Arc”, “HeartBreakCity” and the title track are the strongest points of the album and among her best songs from the past decade. I’d love for some more personal and mature songs like that in the future.
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  13. Ghosttown, is in my Madonna top 10.
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  14. Rebel Heart is in my top 5 Madge albums now.
  15. In an better world, the Rebel Heart singles run would have been another strong chart showing.
  16. All of the singles deserved to have serious chart success, and that includes “Bitch I’m Madonna”.
  17. I love Rebel Heart, but Madame X did diminish it a bit for me.
  18. Rebel Heart isn't perfect, but to me that actually works in its favor. It's an album that she needed to make to bridge the gap between MDNA's detached, autopilot half-assery and the creative renaissance that has been Madame X - it allowed her to truly reconnect to the music again, and for that alone I am grateful it exists. I'm hesitant to even try and measure it up against the latter album because they're both equally important in the greater context of Madonna's career and artistry for different reasons.
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