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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Special shout out to "Ring My Bell," the lovely little bonus cut that could.
  2. That's true, but that's only 6 out of 20 extended mixes, pre-1990. So yeah. *cries*
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  3. Since we’re not getting any music or tours for a long time, it would be fantastic if they spent this time getting all the reissues, remasters, 4K videos rolled out.
    They won’t.
  4. It's so sad when you really think about what it.
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  5. I’d settle for a live stream of acoustic deep cuts
  6. I feel like Heartbeat is hugely underappreciated, even amongst her stans. For me it's one of her best moments of the 00s.

    I get that her vocals on it might be pretty.....objectionable (to some) and the middle eight might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the general melodies throughout the song are just divine, and that chorus is just beautiful. I love the Neptunes' light, bouncy and slightly psychedelic production.

    I also feel like, despite being a dance banger with positive lyrics about self-loving and self-care through the medium of dance, the track has an almost melancholy underlying feel to it, and that only adds a further layer of enjoyment to it for me.
  7. Gurl, it's a Nicole Scherzinger demo.
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  8. For whatever reason I was thinking about Hard Candy last night before falling asleep and now I see y'all have been discussing it here for pages.
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  9. Nice recap of the Music album on Billboard.
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  10. And what of it? Didn't Open Your Heart start out being for Cyndi Lauper? Do you dislike it because of that?

    A lot of you seem to get very hung up on a songs origins and not the song itself. It's a good Madonna song regardless of where it started out. It's the same thing with Britney fans and Out From Under - "but its from the Bratz soundtrack!!!". And? She and Guy turned it into a lovely song for herself.
  11. Are we acting like Nicole is bad or?
  12. It is. I guess I’ll just continue to hassle Guy O until I see change, which will no doubt be in another few decades ddd
    Music is definitely one of her best albums to me, and it feels very underrated despite its acclaim. It’s amazing (pun intended) how she managed to make such an eclectic album and yet manage to make it so tight and surprisingly cohesive.
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  13. aux


    And what about it?

    It's not like Nicole didn't give us the modern classic Don't Hold Your Breath.
  14. Nah, but it doesn't give me an essay-worthy vibe, that's all. It's completely throwaway. But keep projecting, folks! Nicole is amazing, but she's not very high in the pop echelon i.e. famously not getting the best cuts.

    Anyway, Madonna rate, April 20, be there! Can't wait to see your purple prose on this one again!
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  15. And she didn't get it. It went to Madonna. The song has nothing to do with Nicole. She recorded an early demo of it that Pharrell sings more of than she does and thats where her relationship to it ends. So bringing her up as a reason to slate it is weird. If you think its a throwaway track, fine, but it has nothing to do with who sang a demo of it.

    I'm not the worlds biggest Nicole Scherzinger fan - its not about going to bat for her. It just doesn't have anything to do with her.
  16. RJF


    Only my purple prose is allowed in the rate.
  17. Spanish Lesson is in her bottom 10, absolute trash. And Ring My Bell isn’t that much better either.
  18. I still can't at the end of the Like A Prayer video when you see her mouth the words "he didn't DO it!" to the police officer. And the cop is basically like, "okay, this lady wandering around in the middle of the night in a slip tells me he didn't do it. You heard her boys, get him outta there!"
  19. With that serve of a look it’s hard to say no.
  20. Until now, I’ve never questioned why she went to church in her nightie?
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