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General Madonna Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by debord, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I'm Madonna and Dress You Up and Papa Don't Preach are Donna and Niki imitating Belinda Carlisle in the next room.
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  2. I really wish she hadn’t discarded “Angel” so quick, it’s definitely in my top five 80s Madonna singles. I remember reading a rumoured rehearsal setlist for the cancelled 1995 tour that included it. *wipes tear*
  3. It would have been such a natural addition to a Bedtime Stories tour set list. It has a soft, dreamy atmosphere; with a mellow 90s groove it could have fit so well. Imagine the harmonies she could have done with the girls.
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  4. So true. “Rescue Me” also would have been a great addition. I literally won’t shut up about that song until she performs it properly, which will be never.
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  5. The thing about Rescue Me is that so much of it is talking. When she did Erotica in 2006, what she really did was You Thrill Me because it's more musical. But I've been playing around with Rescue Me, and if you hone in on the vocals, you can make a three-and-a-half minute performance with the choruses, the bridge, the ad libs, at least one verse, that doesn't feel too repetitive.

    God, just imagine - she finishes a song and everyone is cheering and applauding and then all of a sudden you hear the background singers wailing "I BELIEVE IN THE POWER!" acapella.
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  6. It would be fantastic. I get that it’s a tricky one to perform but even if she just mimed the spoken vocals like she did with “Erotica” on The Girlie Show, I’d be equally as happy. Imagine her opening her Anti Tour with “I’M TALKING, I’M TALKING, I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVE!”.
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  7. Yep I remain speechless after just hearing that Lucky Star intro in half speed and never putting 2 and 2 together myself.
  8. Same, never ever made the connection!
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  9. I’ve just realized that the ‘hoo!’ at the beginning of the single mix is from Express Yourself too!
    Madonna invented Easter eggs.
  10. RedOne said in an interview that Madonna got in touch with him so they could collaborate, but later she changed her mind because she didn't want to be compared to Gaga.

    Do we believe him?

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  11. I feel like this one is a bit of an underrated gem:

    10+ years later and it still holds up well.
  12. I thought he said he assumed that’s why she didn’t work with him?
  13. I'm a total whore for Celebration, but it is verrrry Madonna on autopilot (in fact, I always say/sing the spoken word bit as "Haven't I sung this song before? It sounds familiar").
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  14. Footage from M’s 2006 Coachella performance is briefly featured in the trailer for the upcoming documentary. I’d love to see the full set in HD!

  15. I always forget the album version of Celebration exists because the Benny Benassi mix is so good.

  16. cant believe it's been 10 years since she had a top ten hit, great one to end on though such a feel good bop
  17. The MDNA Tour performance is one of my favourite closers to date. You can literally feel the energy when watching it, and the choreography was fantastic.
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  18. 'Celebration' really felt like a nod to 'Holiday' didn't it? The perfect single for that greatest hits.
  19. Part of me had a theory that ‘Magic’ is actually a song and the title for the next greatest hits ddd
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